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We Are an SEO Agency in Egypt

Are you searching for a trusted SEO agency in Egypt to elevate your online presence? Look no further, because Green Mind Agency is here to help you achieve outstanding results in the digital landscape. Our mission is to bring your business to the forefront of search engine results and maximize your online potential.

SEO agency in Egypt is not that easy to find. This is due to the rise of internet usage, and the need for businesses to compete with other businesses in their respective industries.

It’s also because of the importance of Google ranking on keywords. Our SEO agency in Egypt will show you how to conquer the internet and win over your competitors. in the process, your website will be optimized to suit the most relevant keywords in Egypt.

SEO agency in Egypt is not that easy to find. This is due to the rise of internet usage, and the need for businesses to compete with other businesses in their respective industries. It’s also because of the importance of Google ranking on keywords.

Green Mind Agency offers expert SEO consultants near you. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the Egyptian market, making us the perfect choice to elevate your business’s online presence.

Latest Projects

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The Office Hub – Case Study

26th Oct, 2023

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Centro – Case Study

12th Oct, 2023

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LOGIC Consulting – Case Study

15th Aug, 2022

Aspire – Case Study

Aspire – Case Study

12th Sep, 2023

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Global Brand Group – Case Study

18th Jul, 2023

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Accord Business Group – Case Study

31st Jan, 2023


    Affordable SEO Agency

    Affordable SEO agencies are not always easy to find. They are rare. But, some can provide you with quality work for a reasonable price.

    An affordable SEO agency should be able to provide you with the best services for the lowest price possible. They should also have the knowledge and expertise to produce high-quality work for their clients.

    Our SEO agency builds an SEO process that can take you to perfect results. It involves various aspects of marketing including branding, content, usability, social media, and more.

    Consider hiring an SEO agency if you are not knowledgeable about this area or if you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it.

    Unleash Your Website’s Potential with On-Page SEO Check

    Our SEO Plan for Our Clients

    Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process, but we will descript it in a simple way to understand more about how our SEO agency in Egypt how works.

    4 steps to get the best SEO results

    1. Target and competitor Analysis
    2. Keywords Research and Plan
    3. Content Optimization – On-Site
    4. Backlinks – Off-Site

    Understanding the business itself will let our SEO company understand the business model, then build a strong keyword list to work on.

    For the SEO plan, we will go for each point and discover the opportunities hidden:

    #1 Target and Competitor Analysis

    Before starting any SEO project, we start by studying the field or company to be able to set the right plan, or in other words, we will not excel in building the best SEO for any company without studying or knowing the client’s requirements.

    The study is possible to have periodic meetings with the client to understand how the company works from the inside. This will help us a lot later.

    Also, by using some SEO tools, it will be easy for us to identify the competitors and their strengths, what are the easy topics to start with, and what topics have strong competition to avoid in the first place.

    #2 Keywords Research and Plan

    In the second step, we define the keywords and arrange their importance, and one of the important things is to arrange the importance of these words because we will determine many things, including choosing the easy topics to start with them.

    Keyword research and analysis must be correctly set from the beginning, the wrong keyword will lead to a high bounce rate and incorrect lead results.

    We also divide the words into topics and identify all topics before we start writing the content. This method we learned from experience and it helps us build a complete writing plan that can last for a year.

    #3 Content Optimization – On-Site

    This stage is considered the implementation stage, after we study the competitors and identify the keywords, we begin to implement, and this section is divided into two main sections:

    Fixing Technical Problems on the Site

    Fixing technical problems is simply to ensure the speed and performance of the site. This is a key factor for the success of any SEO project.

    Content Writing

    Content is the King, a sentence denoting its meaning. Any site without distinctive content will never appear in the search results.

    The topics must be distinctive. We always make sure that the topics are written in an organized manner and contain pictures and videos that help reach the information to the visitor.

    #4 Backlinks – Off-Site

    Believe us, it’s the hardest step of the SEO process is to get high and unique backlinks for your website, with the off-site SEO strategy we promise real results and your existing URL will be published on all relevant websites.

    Green Mind Company: Your Trusted SEO Company in Egypt

    In today’s competitive digital landscape, a strong online presence is essential for any business seeking to thrive. With a plethora of SEO companies vying for your attention, choosing the right partner can be a daunting task. Green Mind Company emerges as a beacon of excellence, standing tall as the premier SEO company in Egypt.

    Embrace the Green Mind Advantage

    When you choose Green Mind Company as your SEO partner, you gain access to a wealth of benefits, including:

    • Strategic SEO planning: We meticulously analyze your business objectives and target audience to develop a customized SEO strategy that aligns with your unique needs.

    • Technical SEO expertise: Our team of experts ensures that your website complies with the latest technical SEO guidelines, maximizing its search engine visibility.

    • Content creation mastery: We craft high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives organic traffic to your website.

    • Link-building prowess: We establish authoritative backlinks from reputable sources, enhancing your website’s credibility and search engine rankings.

    • Social media optimization: We leverage the power of social media to amplify your brand’s reach and drive traffic to your website.

    • Reputation management: We monitor and manage your online reputation, ensuring that your brand’s image remains positive and consistent.

    Embrace the Power of SEO with Green Mind Company

    Don’t let your business get lost in the vast sea of online competition. Partner with Green Mind Company, the premier SEO company in Egypt, and unleash the true potential of your online presence. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and discover how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

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    White Label SEO Services

    At Green Mind Agency, we understand that many agencies and businesses want to offer SEO services to their clients without the need to expand their in-house teams. That’s where our White Label SEO Services come into play.

    What are White Label SEO Services?

    White-label SEO, also known as private-label SEO, is a partnership between your agency and Green Mind Agency. We work behind the scenes, allowing you to deliver high-quality SEO services to your clients under your brand. We act as your silent SEO partner, providing the expertise, strategies, and results, while you take all the credit.

    Why Choose White Label SEO with Green Mind Agency?

    1. Expertise: We are an experienced SEO agency with a team of professional consultants. When you partner with us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies.
    2. Client Satisfaction: Deliver impressive results to your clients, strengthening their trust and loyalty. Your clients get the benefit of our top-tier SEO services, which can lead to higher client retention and referrals.
    3. Scalability: Expand your service offerings without the overhead of hiring and training an in-house SEO team. You can offer SEO services on-demand, tailoring packages to each client’s needs.
    4. Cost-Effective: White-label SEO with Green Mind Agency is a cost-effective solution compared to building an in-house SEO department. You pay only for the services you need, reducing operational expenses.
    5. Full Transparency: While we work behind the scenes, we maintain full transparency with you. You have access to progress reports, data, and insights to keep your clients informed.

    How Does it Work?

    1. Consultation: We discuss your client’s needs, goals, and budget to tailor a customized SEO strategy.
    2. Branding: We work with your branding, allowing you to present our services as your own.
    3. Execution: Our SEO experts implement the agreed-upon strategies to drive results for your clients.
    4. Reporting: We provide regular reports and updates, so you and your clients stay informed about the progress.

    Partnering with Green Mind Agency for white-label SEO services empowers your agency to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions without the headache of managing SEO in-house. It’s a win-win situation – your clients get exceptional SEO services, and you get to expand your service offerings and increase revenue.

    Latest SEO Report and Case Study

    To get solid SEO reports for our company, check the performance that we reached over years and years. You can also check our latest work for SEO below.

    If you are an SEO specialist and you will feel the struggle for how the below tools are hard but our latest numbers are incredibly based on the below checkups our SEO company website has:

    1.  Hubspot website grader: 90%
    2. GTmetrix – Page Speed: 95% – YSlow Score 91%
    3. Google Page Speed 99%
    4. W3C Page validation: Passed 100%
    5. Bytes Check – 4 stars from 5 stars
    Latest Green Mind Agency SEO results
    Unleash Your Website’s Potential with On-Page SEO Check

    A successful SEO campaign can be the difference between a great company and a failing one. It’s crucial to have an SEO agency near you that understands your company and can provide a customized plan for your business.

    SEO professionals know how to rank on the first page of Google. This is why they need to understand your business and goals before they can formulate a strategy. A smart way to find these professionals is by looking for SEO agencies near you because they are close and will get to know your business in no time.

    Unleash Your Website’s Potential with On-Page SEO Check
    Unleash Your Website’s Potential with On-Page SEO Check
    Unleash Your Website’s Potential with On-Page SEO Check
    Unleash Your Website’s Potential with On-Page SEO Check

    Quality SEO Services for eCommerce Websites

    eCommerce websites are a must to have a good SEO. It’s a competitive market we can see eCommerce websites everywhere. And it’s not just about the website, it’s also about the company behind it and what they offer to their customers.

    The SEO agency is in charge of making sure that all of these aspects are taken care of and if there is anything that needs to be improved or changed, they will do so.

    Our SEO agency will be able to create content that can reach the goal of the client. This will allow for better results and a better chance of a conversion.

    Our company can advise on how to optimize content for search engines and how to increase traffic. We will also provide a detailed report on how their work has increased the ranking of the website, which is important for clients who want to see tangible results in their marketing campaigns.

    We are an eCommerce SEO agency that is very specialized in how to connect google tag manager and google analytics with google Adwords.

    That is what we do best, and we have been doing it for a while. We are here to help you with your eCommerce website and show you where you can improve your website’s performance.

    How to Rank in Google with Proper SEO Services

    How to Rank in Google with Proper SEO Services?

    Is your website not ranking well on Google? Here’s the best way to ensure that you get proper SEO services.


    SEO Services List

    Our SEO services list is a list of our most popular services. It includes both on-page optimization and off-page optimization services.

    On-Page Optimization Services

    On-Page Optimization Services

    One of the most important factors in a website’s success is its search engine optimization. SEO services are offered by many companies and these services are often bundled with other marketing services.

    If you want to get your website’s ranking higher, you should use an on-page optimization service. These services will help you to increase your site’s ranking on Google by making it more visible to search engine crawlers and improving its quality score, the services list we provide:

    1. Fix website technical issues
    2. Make sure the title of your webpage is descriptive and contains relevant keywords.
    3. Make sure your page title is not overly keyword-stuffed and does not contain more than about 10 words.
    4. Include keywords in the first paragraph of your content.
    5. Try to use the same keywords in the content that you use in the title tag.
    6. Check if any keyword-rich anchor text links are pointing to your web page. If there are, try to increase the number

    There are many on-page optimization service providers out there, but not all of them offer the same level of quality. Some may offer lower quality for a lower price and some may offer higher quality for a higher price. It is up to you which one you choose based on your budget and requirements.

    Off-Page Optimization Services

    Off-Page Optimization Services

    Off-page optimization is a technique used to increase the number of visitors to a website by raising its rank in the search engine results pages. The off-page optimization services are designed to help businesses create and maintain an online presence, which will increase their visibility and ranking in search engines.

    We have compiled a list of off-page optimization services for you:

    1. Link Building Services: These are the most popular and effective off-page SEO services that help you build backlinks from other websites. They can be achieved through guest blogging, article submissions, social media marketing, forum posting, etc.
    2. Social Media Marketing Services: These SEO services will help you boost your social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., which will ultimately result in more

    A Better Agency Website Will Give Better SEO Results

    The website of the agency should be SEO optimized so that it provides a good first impression for the clients. If the website of the agency is not SEO optimized so how this agency will sell this service?

    The solution is to make sure that the website of the agency is optimized for SEO. This way, they can rank higher on search engine results pages and they can get more customers, You can have a look at how our website is a masterpiece, aligning the best UI/UX solutions with SEO.


    Search Engine Optimization Prices

    Search Engine Optimization Prices


    or EGP 14,000

    • Unlimited Keyword Optimization
    • On-Page and Off-Page Execution
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Creation (Service and Blog)
    • 4 Pages and Blog Content Per Month
    • Build Links and Indexing
    • Monthly Organic Performance Report
    Start Now

    Search Engine Optimization Prices starting from EGP 14,000 in Egypt.

    Prices page from here.

    Small Business SEO Company

    At Green Mind Agency, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that small businesses in Egypt face. We take pride in being a dedicated small business SEO company that specializes in tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of smaller enterprises.

    Our Approach

    • Personalized Strategies: Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, we create customized SEO strategies that are designed to fit the unique goals and budget constraints of small businesses.
    • Cost-Effective Solutions: We know that small businesses often have limited resources. That’s why we offer cost-effective SEO services that deliver big results without breaking the bank.
    • Local Expertise: Our local focus means we’re in tune with the Egyptian market. We leverage our knowledge to help small businesses gain a competitive edge in their specific geographical areas.

    Benefits of Choosing Green Mind Agency

    • Improved Visibility: Our strategies are geared towards increasing your online visibility, making sure your small business stands out in search engine results.
    • Attracting Local Customers: For businesses targeting a local customer base, we specialize in optimizing your online presence to attract local clients.
    • Competing with Larger Competitors: We help small businesses compete effectively with larger competitors by maximizing their online reach.
    • Transparent Pricing: Our transparent pricing ensures that you get top-notch SEO services that fit your budget.

    When you partner with Green Mind Agency, you’re not just choosing an SEO agency – you’re selecting a dedicated small business SEO company that has your business’s best interests at heart. Let us help you grow and thrive in the digital landscape. Contact us today to discuss how our small business SEO services can make a big difference for your enterprise.

    SEO Services Contract

    An SEO services contract is a legal document that has been designed to help you understand the agreement made between you and us.

    It is important to have a contract in place when you hire an SEO company for your business. This will protect both parties from any misunderstandings.

    At our agency, the SEO contract is ready for you, and we have already used it with all our existing clients and received approval from big corporations and governmental institutions. Feel free to request a quote today to receive a copy.

    Why Local SEO Services Providers Are Important?

    At Green Mind Agency, we understand the importance of local SEO in the Egyptian market. Local businesses need to be visible to their nearby customers, and that’s where our tailored Local SEO Solutions come into play.

    We believe that local service providers in the field of Local SEO are better in terms of management, follow-up, and also communication.

    In some cases, clients turn to India for SEO work, but they face issues like poor communication and complete isolation from the Egyptian and Arab reality, so the result is unsatisfactory.

    We, as local SEO services providers located in Egypt, will reach the same level as international companies in SEO with good communication and our professional team.

    We have been working with businesses and organizations to help them grow their online presence for over 10 years. We have helped businesses from all over the world to rank on the first page of Google’s search results.

    Hire Our Agency Today and Let us Take Care of Your Local SEO

    When you’re a small business, it’s not easy to break out of the crowd. With Green Mind Agency’s help, you can succeed in the competitive market by implementing a Local SEO that will help you grow your customer base and increase your sales.

    Our company specializes in Local SEO that get you ranked on Google and other search engines for your city or country. We can even boost your rankings for national searches, We have services for beginners and experts alike, so there’s no need to worry about understanding anything. Whether you’re a complete novice or have years of experience in Local SEO, we’ll provide you with what you need to build your business.

    SEO Agency FAQ

    SEO agencies are in charge of optimizing and improving their clients’ ranking on search engines, including Google. They do this using organic search engines optimization techniques such as keyword research, link building, and content creation.

    SEO agencies have experts on staff who know the best strategies and techniques to rank your website on search engines. They can produce optimized content and content calendars that are designed to target your audience with the most relevant keywords. They also provide social media management, link building, conversion rate optimization, and analytics reports.

    Hiring an SEO company for your business can be a daunting task. There are a variety of factors to consider such as the size of your budget, the type of service you’re looking for, and the expertise level you’re looking for. However, this is a more cost-effective option than hiring and using in-house experts who may not have the experience necessary to rank your site at the top of the search engine results pages.

    SEO is a complex, but necessary task for any business. Companies need to hire a professional SEO company to optimize their website & increase their ranking on search engines like Google. These companies specialize in search engine optimization, making it easier for businesses to reach potential customers through the internet.

    Do Not Let SEO Overwhelm Your Company

    Do Not Let SEO Overwhelm Your Company

    SEO can be overwhelming and time-consuming for your business, especially when you’re just starting. Let our agency handle the difficult tasks and focus on what makes your business best!

    Our team provides more than 8 years of experience with SEO. We can maximize your online presence and provide expert reporting & insights.

    Don’t let SEO overwhelm your business, schedule a 30-minute free call with us now so we can help you maximize your online presence and get expert reporting & insights!

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    Green Mind Agency elevates IVY STEM's online presence, boosting enrollment via strategic SEO, and content.

    Tasawer – Case Study
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    Tasawer – Case Study

    20th Jan, 2023 United Arab Emirates

    A case study discussing the role of SEO, social media management, and media buying in TASAWER's and how it helped the company to boost its sales.

    The Cloudors – Case Study
    Business and Services

    The Cloudors – Case Study

    21st Jun, 2023 Egypt

    Boost organic search rankings, enhance social media engagement, and generate leads for The Cloudors with our comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

    Bayan – Case Study
    Business and Services

    Bayan – Case Study

    1st Jan, 2023 Egypt

    BaYan Retail is a POS system and inventory management, We helped our client with website development, social media campaigns, and SEO.

    Multiples Group | Case Study

    Multiples Group | Case Study

    1st Dec, 2020 Egypt

    Multiples Group is one of the largest companies in the financial industry, and we succeed to deliver superb marketing services.

    Unlock | Case Study
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    Unlock | Case Study

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    Here's how we succeed with Unlock by using Google Ads and SEO to help B2B businesses grow, increase leads, and drive conversions.

    FindWell | Case Study
    Real Estate

    FindWell | Case Study

    1st Oct, 2020 Egypt

    FindWell is one of the largest companies in the real estate industry, and we succeed to deliver exceptional marketing services.

    Link Citizenship | Case Study

    Link Citizenship | Case Study

    15th Jul, 2020 United Arab Emirates

    As a social media management agency, we built a strong presence for one of the unique services, obtain dual citizenship by investment.

    Mokhalasati | Case Study
    Business and Services

    Mokhalasati | Case Study

    15th Feb, 2020 United Arab Emirates

    We've succeeded as an agency in achieving Mokhalasati's objective in increasing the number of installs and leads, using social media ads.

    Hossam Abol Atta | Case Study

    Hossam Abol Atta | Case Study

    25th Aug, 2019 Egypt

    It was a tough competition between us and other digital media marketing companies in Egypt, We were up to the challenge.

    Caliber Clothing | Case Study
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    Caliber Clothing | Case Study

    22nd Aug, 2018 Canada

    A complete marketing plan including social media marketing, Facebook and Google ads, with SEO.


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