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Why Content Marketing is important for b2b?

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Content marketing increases your marketing leads by producing effective types of content, content marketing is essential for buyers

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In 2011 Egypt started to look at social media especially Facebook as the main channel to give views, news, and even personal daily activities, so, is social media will really kill content marketing?

The answer is No content marketing will never die, even after social media, and for the simple reason, content is king, build content in your website or blog, or even an e-commerce website will give a high impact ROI.

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    Digital Dental Marketing On Social Media

    Essential for b2b

    Remember how many times you used Google to search for something, you are the consumer if you will get the right result you apparently buying or using the term you are searching for.

    B2B marketing is not easy at all, definitely you will need a website, with SEO optimised to get your next b2b client

    This is usually our recommendation when our clients ask for b2b building a blog and content to boost content marketing.

    Also, deals for b2b will be with a high amount and contracts will be included with long term partnerships, this is something that will not be able to reach through social media.

    Based on the study here 88% of b2b marketers use content marketing to attract customers.

    Agency expected KPIs

    A content marketing agency will take the lead to produces and shares article writing, blog, video, and images materials on behalf of other businesses, we describe them into details with KPIs below:

    1. Generate the creative idea that will lead the content marketing plan
    2. Select a trending topic with easy in competition
    3. Write articles with no grammar or spelling mistakes
    4. create infographic images and videos to show up the content in a creative visual way
    5. Keep the content helpful

    When you request a content marketing agency pricing from our agency we will completely do this with the SEO services, we believe content marketing is an SEO task that can be produced with the process of SEO.

    A content marketing for startups is not a different approach from the agency perspective, the content still a content, the key is to find solve or answer a question that the customer is searching for.

    Startups are eager to get things done with a limited budget, and our agency can provide that too as we mentioned above, content marketing is a part of SEO.

    Content marketing for Youtube

    Usually, our potential clients come up with a simple question should I use youtube in our content marketing strategy, the answer is YES!

    If you will produce video content you will be able to use it on Youtube!, This channel will really boost the SEO ranking for selected topics.

    B2B content ideas

    From multiple points:

    1. Doing the right research
    2. Choose the correct term
    3. Prepare solid information, keep it informative

    Using hashtags in your content for social media will give a good impact too.

    Content marketing research tools

    Inhouse we used the below tools to get our content marketing work done, with 0% percentage of errors:

    1. Google Keyword planner: get the most searched terms of the article topic with a search volume and competition
    2. Long-Tail Keywords: get the most relevant keywords with a low cost in competition
    3. Google Trends, and Google suggestions: both tools used to get the most asked questions and topic relevant ideas.
    4. Google Docs: write the articles in a good way, and planning the structure of the articles
    5. Hashtag Generators: a lot of free tools in there but our agency using Linkedin hashtag generators, much better and focused.
    Content marketing research tools


    Content marketing is your island, build whatever you want in your place, but to let people visit your island you need to build a unique and strong informative content that will solve your customer questions

    Content Marketing Pricing Packages

    Understand the KPIs and goals before paying, we will also guide and optimize the plan and resources to make the best use of your digital marketing strategy, check our pricing packages from this link.

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