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24th Dec, 2020

Build a Social Media Strategy for Your Startup

Green Mind Agency is honored to have had the opportunity to sit down with outstanding students from the German University in Cairo.

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19th Nov, 2020

Digital Marketing in Egypt for B2B

After the Covid-19 pandemic, everything started to change here in Egypt especially for small business SMEs and B2B businesses.

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15th Nov, 2020

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Cairo Reviews

Do you know that 30% of our revenue coming from word of mouth? this something we really love to share that we are keeping our clients happy.

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6th Nov, 2020

How Green Mind gets the first result in Google

Many things happen behind the scene at our advertising agency, meetings, brainstorming, followups, and SEO strategy for 3 years.

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25th Sep, 2020

Green Mind Network is getting bigger

Late Q3/2020 We finally released our Green Mind Blog to join our network with Green Mind Agency and store.

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3rd Mar, 2020

Celebrating 6 Years of Digital Marketing

Celebrating the Journey of the last 6 years, we will recall the past, and remember the digital Marketing Services we provided

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10th Jun, 2020

Top 10 Search Result leaders for Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt

Before rating your digital marketing agency in Egypt you should make a quick Google search to get feedback. Green Mind will go through this

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30th Mar, 2020

Hiring social media manager or social media agency?

Is it better to hire in house social media team to work on social media platforms or to hire a social media agency specialized for this?

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4th Dec, 2019

Digital Agency in Egypt cooperation with TIKTOK

Green Mind Agency proudly announces its newest cooperation with TIKTOK, the world fastest growing video-sharing app.

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17th Mar, 2020

Digital Marketing Agency that get more results

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency, Green Mind will be your trusted one, increase online users conversion to get more revenue

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1st Aug, 2020

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16th Sep, 2018

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