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Display advertising qualifications

As a digital marketing agency in Egypt, we have all the tools required to build a complete execution that can help our clients place an interactive, engagement style ads with a custom made creatives based on the 3rd party publishers.

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    Types of ads

    We have a very long list for the display advertising ads but we will try to cover everything on the becoming list:

    Google Display Network

    We are working to select the right websites and apps based on a large and huge list of Google display, the selection based on industry and type of materials we will build in here.

    This type of campaigns can be considered as an awareness campaign, we promise to get the highest impressions for your campaign targeting websites and mobile apps.

    Pepsi Rich Media campaign case study

    Rich Media Campaigns

    Our strong creative background helps to get things done as a complete solution, the rich media campaigns can be interactive with a lot of animation styles including 3d 360 ads. The sky is limit for this type of ads since we are building a custom ad solutions based on publishers websites.

    Example: https://tinyurl.com/y4qppm3v

    These type of campaigns can be integrated with DFP campaign manager by Google and can be also integrated with Google Analytics to track everything on there.

    Our experience is built with 7awi network and our creative rich media list can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/7awirm

    Native Ads

    Native ads are the future of the rich media ads, this is an ad shown natively within the content, minimum creative designs required there but there is a keyword optimisation work to make the native ads organic looks like the content.

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