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We are Creative, UX, and Content Service in Egypt that understands your company service and we will make your creative ideas remarkable

Egyptian digital creative agency

Creative designs will take your eyes on the spot, being unique is something important, since we are dealing with a lot of different brands.

Creative advertising agency teams at tech companies tend to be split into product design and marketing design. The product design teamwork on the app, or the software, or whatever it is, and then create digital marketing handles all the other design-related stuff.

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    Creative Agency Mission

    We also end up being a caretaker of the brand of the company as well.

    It means taking care of the brand and making sure as a content marketing agency that it’s represented in the right way and that everything that goes out that’s design-related to the public is all on brand.

    UI and UX design processes represent the content strategy for social media must be valuable for the company and it all looks like it came from the same place. Ideally, for being a creative digital marketing agency, we must have multi-disciplinary skills.

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    SEO content writing

    One of the important things that our agency is focused on is the SEO copywriting if we will gonna write an article or just a regular content we must have valuable SEO research, this technique will make our content reached on all search engine search results.

    Copywriting services as a copywriting agency will make your articles and content flow blended together, imagine to have an article writing service that can mix SEO, copywriting together, the results will be awesome.

    Generate revenue

    Our goal as a creative marketing agency is to communicate the brand marketing values with everything that you do and think about the impression that your designs give to people looking at it. Our job as a brand designing company “brand designers internally” is to make people love and respect the brand through everything you put out.

    And also walking the user through a journey that eventually leads to them buying the product. That means you need to be thinking about the user at every single touchpoint.

    Connect the ideas

    Most of the clients push us to start from company logo design and in most cases, we are not often given an actual brief when it comes to starting the projects, So a lot of what we do is asking questions when clients come to us with something that they need to happen.

    Content marketing strategy

    Content is King, and choosing the correct keywords for your platforms and thus will lead to a top-ranked social media platforms and websites.

    Local content to the audience

    Keep things local is a great strategy, add your local address, city, and the country will let the visitors and the users understand you are in the same region they are looking for, and this will boost your location in local search results.

    we are also checking the last content performance, and get which content is working the best for you. the users may always pay attention to your top content, or by searching about your services.

    Listening to customers

    Make sure you are listening to your customers carefully, that will proceed a very good content, Google also search for the content writing is it suitable for the users or not.

    Creative and Content covers:

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    Why Us

    Green Mind understands you well, as you are working hard to reach the prospective customer for purchase, which is what we are working to reach and define from the beginning.

    You also want to know how much it will cost you to reach a certain number of customers when the ads start on social media, this is something we will explain before starting the campaign, and provide the expected financial return that you will get after contracting.

    • Unifying the team's efforts in one direction and one goal
    • Account manager dedicated to managing your account
    • Certified professionals in managing and activating social media and Google ads
    • Creative minds who worked in different fields lead you to the most suitable creative ideas
    • A team of people whose job it is to follow up and respond to customers on social media platforms