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SEO and Web Development

SEO and web development are merging. Get the benefits of both worlds - SEO-friendly sites with rich content to help your site rank better.

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SEO and Web Development Agency in Egypt

The Merging of SEO and Web Development

SEO is an important part of any business. It is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in search engines. Web Development, on the other hand, is the process of designing and building websites.

The merging of SEO and web development can be seen as a way to save time and money for businesses. This merger allows for both processes to be done at once, which saves time and costs for businesses because they do not have to hire two separate teams to complete these tasks.

SEO and Web Development Service List

  • SEO

    We are an SEO agency in Egypt that helps our clients achieve higher rankings on Google with effective search engine optimization services.

  • Web Design

    We are a web design agency that builds industry-leading web, WordPress themes, and digital products for our clients and their customers.

  • WordPress Development

    We are a WordPress Development company that develops custom, functional, and beautiful WordPress websites for small and large businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Merging

There are many benefits of merging SEO and web development. The first one is that it makes the process of website design and development more efficient. Web developers can use SEO to improve the site’s ranking in search engines and the site owner can do their optimization to get high traffic. Moreover, merging these two fields will result in a better understanding of how to create a winning website.

The second benefit is that it reduces costs as web developers who know about SEO can do both jobs at once, which saves time and money for both parties involved. Lastly, merging these two fields will result in higher quality websites as they are developed by people who understand both aspects of development.

SEO And Web Development Merging Examples

In the past, websites were designed more for aesthetics than for search engine optimization (SEO). But now, SEO is a key part of web development. Our clients often receive their website already SEO optimized.

The internet is becoming more and more competitive and if your website doesn’t rank well in Google’s search results then it won’t be found by potential customers.

Nobody wants to pay for clicks on their website or have to hire marketing staff just to get customers. It is time-consuming and expensive. The best marketing is free marketing, and that means getting your business found by potential customers through Google’s search engine.

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Focus on Website Hosting Solutions as Well

We ranked one of the best web design, development, and hosting companies Based on Speed, Support, Security, Pricing & more, the best option of web hosting companies based in Egypt.

As a web development and hosting company in Egypt, we give affordable web hosting services to accomplish your needs 24/7 support, and based on your budget and capabilities.

We believe hosting plans will always be based on the website development requirements, for example, if you are looking for a news or e-commerce huge website with hundreds of products and pages, VPS or dedicated server will be your best choice. We always guide on that and give recommendations.

Latest Projects from Our Work

Union National Bank | Case Study

Union National Bank | Case Study

11th Jul, 2014 Egypt

We are pleased to announce our new co-operation with the Union National Bank of Egypt. It was a great opportunity for us to work with them.

Toyota | Case Study
Cars and Motorcycles

Toyota | Case Study

30th Jun, 2010 Egypt

Awarded website for Toyota Avensis, A complete animated website solution built with Flash and CSS.

Eva Pharma | Case Study

Eva Pharma | Case Study

26th Mar, 2020 Egypt

Biofreeze pain relief gel is now in Egypt, and we take care of the web design and development of the product, with an order form.

LOGIC Consulting – Case Study
Coaching and Consulting

LOGIC Consulting – Case Study

15th Aug, 2022 Egypt

We give efficient and sustainable growth for SEO to produce results for LOGIC Consulting with a clear SEO plan and specified targets.

Tarek Nour | Case Study
Business and Services

Tarek Nour | Case Study

24th Nov, 2008 Egypt

Tarek Nour Communications website it’s a big project, we worked on that for about 6 months.

National Gas | Case Study
Business and Services

National Gas | Case Study

12th Mar, 2015 Egypt

Our website design and development for National Gas created by our digital marketing agency.

Arabia Oil | Case Study
Business and Services

Arabia Oil | Case Study

23rd Mar, 2015 Egypt

We built a stunning website for Arabia Oil, using the latest technologies like Bootstrap, and Wordpress.

Multiples Group | Case Study

Multiples Group | Case Study

1st Dec, 2020 Egypt

Multiples Group is one of the largest companies in the financial industry, and we succeed to deliver superb marketing services.

Unlock | Case Study
Business and Services

Unlock | Case Study

27th Feb, 2022 Egypt

Here's how we succeed with Unlock by using Google Ads and SEO to help B2B businesses grow, increase leads, and drive conversions.

FindWell | Case Study
Real Estate

FindWell | Case Study

1st Oct, 2020 Egypt

FindWell is one of the largest companies in the real estate industry, and we succeed to deliver exceptional marketing services.

Link Citizenship | Case Study

Link Citizenship | Case Study

15th Jul, 2020 United Arab Emirates

As a social media management agency, we built a strong presence for one of the unique services, obtain dual citizenship by investment.

Viola Salon | Case Study
Fashion and Beauty

Viola Salon | Case Study

1st Jun, 2020 United Arab Emirates

As an Egyptian website design agency, we cross the border as usual and deliver the latest website, Viola Beauty Salon, Abu Dhabi, UAE-based.


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