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Google is the largest search engine with the most traffic in the world. Getting started with google ads is not an option.

Latest Projects

Latest Projects

Findwell Google Adwords | real estate campaign

Findwell Google Adwords | real estate campaign

1st Oct, 2020

Sawa Boutique Google Adwords Paid Search Marketing

Sawa Boutique Google Adwords Paid Search Marketing

1st Feb, 2020

MedEg Trip Google Adwords Campaign

MedEg Trip Google Adwords Campaign

15th Oct, 2019

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Find a digital advertising strategy that will drive results for your business by hiring one of the industry’s most respected AdWords agencies: Green Mind Agency. Discuss your KPIs, your strategy and more.

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    Google Ads

    Why hiring our Google Ads agency

    Choosing Green Mind Agency as your PPC marketing agency offers several competitive advantages, including Custom Google Ads plan, Proactive campaign management, Dedicated account manager, Personalized dashboard monitoring, Transparent pricing, in-house ads, copywriting, design and development team, Learn all about why we’re a top Google AdWords agency for businesses like yours.

    What Is Google Ads

    You don’t want to miss out on the ability to reach millions of users every day.

    How Does Advertising and Adwords On Google Work

    While looking at Google, you’ve presumably experienced advertisements.

    Have you at any point seen, for instance, the line of top outcomes on Google that highlight a green “Promotion” box? These advertisements show up when you look into a subject, item, administration, or another hunt that includes a watchword focused by companies.

    Google Ad Manager PPC: Everything You Need to Know

    Like Google Ads, Ad Manager replaces already existing programs for advertisers to simplify things. Google Ad Manager encompasses many things, all of which are useful and enhance your advertising effort.

    With Google AdWords ‘ revamp of Google Ads, Google has streamlined its advertising platform and achieved the full potential of its advertising options, ranging across platforms such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Play.

    MedEg Trip Google Adwords Campaign

    More about digital advertising services available to our agency

    1. Pay-per-click Advertising

    Companies investing in Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising earn an average investment return (ROI) of $8 for every $1 they spend.

    Our company can develop a competitive and customized strategy for Google’s ad network with our Google AdWords agency that drives more than clicks but also sales, leads, and revenue. Your dedicated Green Mind Agency account manager also makes transparent reports available to your team, plus a consistent point of contact.

    2. Remarketing And Retargeting Google Ad Manager

    Re-marketing will give your company significant growth and opportunity. Studies show that people seeing re-target advertisements are 70 percent more likely to convert, such as requesting a personalized quote, purchasing your product, or contacting your team for more information.

    Our experienced (and certified Google Ads team) helps maximize the benefits of remarketing in your company. We help you reconnect and convert these valuable business buyers and consumers with custom strategies, targeted ad copy, and professionally designed display ads.

    3. Display Advertising Google Pay Ad

    Although display advertising provides only an average 0.46 percent click-through rate (CTR), it is a valuable medium when it comes to brand awareness. That’s because display ads catch the eye of users visually. whether or not users don’t click on your ad, they still get exposed to your products and services.

    Get the best return from your advertising campaign, with our team experience. For your ad we will be making convincing copies and original designs. Plus, our management company Google AdWords will track clicks, sales and click fraud activity to help your team make the most of your budget.

    4. Google Digital Marketing Landing Page Design And Optimization

    Besides keywords, ad duplication, and targeting, a good PPC campaign goes further. It also thinks about the next move for a customer, after clicking on your ad and arriving on your landing page. Our Digital Marketing Agency will deliver on consumer expectations and drive results with personalized landing pages for your ad campaigns.

    5. Ad Conversion Rate Optimization

    A benefit of digital advertising is that you can always boost your ad campaigns by one percent. If your business is testing new calls-to-action (CTAs), upgrading ad copies or comparing landing pages, you can find new and convincing ways to drive calls, shopping, and more.

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