Gastec | Case Study

Gastec | Case Study


Based on strong strategic marketing, we started implementing, designing, and managing social media management, Facebook and Google ads.

Gastec Automotive Marketing
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Gastec | Case Study
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    Winning the Tender

    After our success in submitting an acceptable offer, we obtained a Gastec tender to advertise Eni’s global oils in Egypt.

    Our company was also able to obtain the confidence of Gastec Company in creating social platforms on all social media sites, designing and writing content, and also creating a digital marketing campaign on Facebook Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

    Case Study

    Marketing Strategy

    This is the first step in this project, it leads us to study the field of automotive lubricants to present the product innovatively, at the beginning of this project, we did a lot of interviews with the clients, and the marketing team at Gastec helped us deliver the important information necessary for the success of the campaign.

    We have made a very strong marketing strategy, including:

    1. Market overview
    2. SWOT analysis
    3. Marketing objectives
    4. Content calendar
    5. Media buying plan
    6. Competition analysis
    Marketing Strategy for Gastec

    Social Media Management

    Gastec’s tender to implement an advertising campaign on social media is considered one of the strong tenders and its requirements are many.

    Our company has obtained the right to design and manage social media in parallel with the requirements of the international guidelines of Eni.

    Tone of Voice

    The general trend of the method of writing the content is to use the Arabic language, especially in the Egyptian language because we are in Egyptian society and we want to reach the customer’s thoughts quickly in a language that is easy and close to him.

    In terms of graphic design, the challenge was to find a suitable design for Gastec and keep the international branding for Eni.

    It was a big challenge, but we managed to satisfy all those responsible for making the decision. We deal with every social media channel individually to be able to find and select the appropriate content.

    Gastec | Case Study
    Gastec - Eni - Facebook Ads
    Gastec - Eni - Content Marketing
    Gastec - Eni - Social Media Management

    Social Media Channels Covered

    After defining a completely new visual identity, we were able to create distinctive and competitive social platforms for similar products in the Egyptian market, especially in the field of automotive lubricants.


    We considered Facebook as one of the main ways to spread our presence on social media, as the interest in it is great and it is also linked to the number of paid ads that we pay on it.

    Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter

    We used the same content used on Facebook and posted it on the rest of the social media, with some sizes adjusted to fit each separate social media platform.

    Gastec - Eni - Instagram Marketing
    Gastec | Case Study

    Social Media Analytics

    In important projects like this, there must be a strong report that studies the movements and measures the strength of our work, and as usual, we have provided an integrated and live report that helps the Gastec team know the performance of the campaign.

    Community Management

    As part of our work in managing social media is to respond to customer inquiries, including comments and messages.

    Our team was able to make expected questions and answer them then make saved replies and comments to us through social media especially Facebook.

    Social Media Campaigns

    After determining the media plan and how to spend the appropriate budget on each social media, we got a strong reaction from the audience.

    Media Plane Development

    As you know, we love plans before starting to work directly, and this is what we got and developed before starting to put the appropriate budget for each social media.

    Divide the budget

    We were able to provide online advertising based on performance marketing, which is to provide advertisements aimed at results, which we were able to achieve by the end of each month.

    Social Media Marketing

    After studying the competitors and knowing the requirements and the market share, we settled on 3 social networks suitable for Eni advertising:

    Facebook Ads

    We used it a lot and achieved different objectives, including increasing the number of followers, increasing engagement, increasing reach, and also increasing the number of communication through messaging.

    Instagram Ads

    We relied on the extraordinary creativity that we presented to increase the number of engagements on the posts

    YouTube Ads

    There were two important requirements for advertising on YouTube, the first one to increase the number of subscribers on the channel and also to increase views on the videos that were designed from our side.

    Display Advertising

    One of the important goals of the campaign is to reach out to those interested in cars, and we used Google Display Ads to achieve this. We used Google Display Ads to be able to reach the largest percentage of those interested and looking for automotive lubricants.

    We were also able to achieve the goal and reach 0.17% CTR to the Eni Gastec website.

    Campaign Optimization

    In the first week, we were also able to find out the appropriate design with the highest click rate and work on developing it. Our company provided more than 100 display ad designs of different sizes to help the campaign spread strongly.

    Gastec | Case Study
    Gastec | Case Study

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