The Ultimate WordPress Website Builder | WordprSEO

The Ultimate WordPress Website Builder | WordprSEO


WordprSEO is a responsive, dynamic WordPress website builder that focuses on SEO, full of features, that can quickly build websites.

The Ultimate WordPress Website Builder | WordprSEO
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    The Idea Behind

    After years of success building WordPress websites, we found a big gap between clients, SEO, and website building. If clients have a website, it’s very limited and can’t do the big changes required to align with their growth.

    When these clients decide to reach a good position in search engine optimization, they are shocked by how many changes must be done in coding structure and content flow need to be done before digging into writing content or building backlinks.

    Because of that, we decided to build a website builder based on WordPress, it was a big challenge for us, but we spent years and years reaching the right formula to produce this website builder and name it WordprSEO.

    WordprSEO Overview:

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    With the help of WordprSEO, website creation has never been easier. it provides users with a variety of features such as custom design tools, content management tools, and a user-friendly interface to manage everything.

    WordPress Website Builder Features

    WordprSEO is coming with a lot of built-in features, it’s mainly a layout builder built for performance:

    Development Features

    • 100% mobile-friendly
    • Automatic Theme Updater directly through the WordPress Admin interface
    • Strong focus on typography, usability, and overall user experience
    • Multiple option panels with amazingly deep customization options: Sliders, Page, Post, Backgrounds, Portfolio, Page
    • Front-end design and editing tools for you to create beautiful websites
    • A clean, modern, multi-purpose design which can be adapted and used for any website design and layout
    • Advanced network of options for easy customizations
    • Above-the-fold optimization
    • Image preloading
    • Postcard layout
    • Everything is documented

    SEO Features

    WordprSEO comes with tools for increasing the visibility of the website to generate traffic. There are a lot of features that we include to get a good search engine ranking:

    • Well organized Categories, Tags, Pages, and Posts structure
    • Keywords in your content title and description.
    • Keywords in your headings and subheadings.
    • Brand keywords that are not your business name
    • Page heading elements such as H1, H2, and H3 tags.
    • Meta descriptions (meta tag)
    • Titles or titles with phrases
    • Optimized Page URLs

    Technology Used

    • HTML5 and CSS3
    • Based on Bootstrap5 and WordPress 4.7.21
    • Social Icons and Theme Icons are CSS Font Icons, no Images
    • One Page Parallax feature for any page
    • 100% SEO Optimized and perfectly compatible
    • Performance enhancements for fast, reliable, quality
    • JavaScript files are automatically combined and minified for added performance
    • JS/PHP Compiler for CSS that combines all styles into one generated file for added performance
    • Full website cache for quick loading
    • jQuery Enhancements for Modern Websites
    • Includes the Font Awesome icon
    • Colorbox integration for a better photo gallery

    Why Do We Care About WordPress?

    WordPress is a free and open-source software platform that is used as a content management system (CMS) to power millions of websites. It features a rich set of features that allow users to build blogs, websites, news, and other content-rich sites, and to build a better website, you need to be able to have a reliable WordPress website builder.

    The importance of websites can be seen in all aspects of businesses today – they have been used as a marketing tool, customer engagement strategy, and social media channel. With the increase in popularity of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, many businesses have realized that having a website is still necessary to reach their target audience through different platforms.

    For example, if you run an e-commerce business that wants to reach its customers on social media with its products, then you would need a website where your customers can find your products.

    You will find the same concept on our website, and how it is designed to make it easy for you to find the information you are looking for. The functions we built allow you to quickly scan through topics and click on one that interests you.

    Why Do We Choose to Build WordPress Website Builder?

    The WordPress website platform is incredibly popular. There are approximately 60 million sites currently hosted on the platform and over 26% of the internet runs on WordPress. According to the first page results in Google, WordPress takes 12.35% of first page results.

    When it comes to building a website to be just having a name online is one of the most common mistakes that companies make. Over time, the search engine rankings of websites have become more important than just owning a domain name.

    WordPress has an impressive history of being able to hit the first page in any search engine quickly due to its SEO power and popularity, which is why we guarantee that it will do so for your website.

    WordprSEO - Bootstrap - drag and drop

    Create a Website in Just Minutes with WordprSEO

    Based on the above and when we were thinking of developing a stand-alone website builder, we choose to be based on WordPress, we created a product that ultimately saves time and energy for our clients.

    The Egyptian market is one of the fastest-growing markets in terms of internet usage, we decided to create a website builder ( WordprSEO ) that helps businesses target potential customers. WordprSEO can create personalized content for each person on their website, making them more likely to stay on the site and convert into customers.

    WordprSEO - Performance - ByteCheck
    WordprSEO - Performance - HTML checker
    WordprSEO - Performance - Schema
    WordprSEO - Performance - GTmetrix
    WordprSEO - Performance - Page Speed Insights

    Our SEO Knowledge Is Always Updated

    Our agency is succeeding in today’s digital world, by offering a responsive website and search engine optimization working perfectly together with semantic code and WordprSEO is combining both. Responsive layouts ensure that your website works on all devices, ensuring a better user experience. With Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm, it’s critical to keep your website current with the latest design trends and content.

    It was recently revealed that many websites recently had problems with their SEO. They were found to have previously-hidden links on the site, broken internal pages, etc. We were in a pinch and needed to fix these websites’ SEO before it got worse. So we decided to create a website builder that would solve all of these problems for our clients and make sure our website had the best possible SEO. With this new strategy, our goal is to make sure that nothing is off-limits when it comes to generating organic traffic for the website and optimizing its SEO rankings.

    We are in the business of helping our clients and providing them with tools to do their job better. We always update our websites with the functionalities that help us and our clients too, Websites are made to be used by people for a long period. That’s why websites we built last for years without the need to be upgraded or changed. The website is coded in a way that it can be easily updated and the user experience remains constant.

    The Ultimate WordPress Website Builder | WordprSEO

    Everything is Documented

    We documented everything we could think of so you have a well-structured website that works great and is easy to edit. Take a look for yourself at all the steps in the write-up and start right away!

    How You Can Start

    WordprSEO works with annual fees you can check the prices and find the difference between features of each package. You will receive a website copy within 5 working days, to be ready to do the changes required.

    Selected Projects from Our Work

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    Union National Bank | Case Study

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    Eva Pharma | Case Study

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    Biofreeze pain relief gel is now in Egypt, and we take care of the web design and development of the product, with an order form.

    National Gas | Case Study
    Business and Services

    National Gas | Case Study

    12th Mar, 2015 Egypt

    Our website design and development for National Gas created by our digital marketing agency.

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    Nexera – Case Study

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    Bayan – Case Study
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    Bayan – Case Study

    1st Jan, 2023 Egypt

    BaYan Retail is a POS system and inventory management, We helped our client with website development, social media campaigns, and SEO.

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    Gloric | Case Study
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    Gloric | Case Study

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    Discover how Green Mind Agency transformed GLORIC with social media management and a stunning WordPress website. Success achieved!

    Jiwa Developments – Case Study
    Real Estate

    Jiwa Developments – Case Study

    28th Dec, 2022 Egypt

    This project is really important for us since we have this website generated with WordprSEO website builder focused on SEO performance.

    Arabia Oil | Case Study
    Business and Services

    Arabia Oil | Case Study

    23rd Mar, 2015 Egypt

    We built a stunning website for Arabia Oil, using the latest technologies like Bootstrap, and Wordpress.

    Viola Salon | Case Study
    Fashion and Beauty

    Viola Salon | Case Study

    1st Jun, 2020 United Arab Emirates

    As an Egyptian website design agency, we cross the border as usual and deliver the latest website, Viola Beauty Salon, Abu Dhabi, UAE-based.

    MedEg Trip | Case Study

    MedEg Trip | Case Study

    23rd Mar, 2019 Egypt

    We did all social media marketing for MedEg Trip, online product marketing, along with managing all their social media network channels.

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