Wood and More – Case Study

Wood and More – Case Study


Discover how Green Mind's social media management and targeted ads helped Wood & More blossom online, boosting sales and engagement.

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Wood and More – Case Study
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    In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, success stories are often shaped by strategic collaborations and innovative approaches. Green Mind, a dynamic digital marketing agency, had the privilege of partnering with Wood & More, a distinguished player in the furniture industry. This case study delves into the transformative journey, specifically focusing on social media management and media buying strategies employed on Facebook and Instagram.

    Understanding the Client: Wood & More

    Wood & More, a premier furniture brand, redefines elegance with its diverse range of products. From TV units to coffee tables, each piece reflects the timeless beauty of wood. Before delving into the strategies implemented by Green Mind, it’s essential to grasp the essence of Wood & More’s offerings.

    Social Media Management: Crafting a Narrative

    Elevating the Brand Presence

    Green Mind initiated the campaign by enhancing Wood & More’s brand visibility on social media platforms. Engaging content, coupled with visually appealing images, helped create a narrative that resonated with the audience.

    Strategic Content Calendar

    To maintain consistency, a meticulous content calendar was curated. From showcasing the craftsmanship behind each piece to highlighting ongoing promotions, every post was strategically planned to captivate the audience’s attention.

    Interactive Engagement

    Wood & More’s audience engagement soared through interactive posts, polls, and captivating stories. This not only fostered a sense of community but also increased the brand’s reach organically.

    Influencer Collaborations

    The inclusion of influencers in the campaign added a human touch. Authentic endorsements and behind-the-scenes glimpses created a buzz, leading to increased follower engagement.


    Media Buying: Maximizing Impact

    Precision in Ad Campaigns

    Green Mind executed targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. By narrowing down demographics and interests, the ads reached the most potential customers, ensuring optimal utilization of the advertising budget.

    E-Commerce Catalog Ads

    The integration of e-commerce catalog ads streamlined the customer’s journey. Seamless navigation through the catalog encouraged users to explore and make purchases, thereby boosting sales.

    Focused Objective – Increase Purchasing

    The primary objective was clear – drive sales. By aligning the ad content with enticing promotions, Wood & More witnessed a significant uptick in online and in-store purchases.

    Amplifying Followers Campaign on Instagram

    Green Mind strategized to not only attract new followers but also retain existing ones. Engaging campaigns, including giveaways and exclusive sneak peeks, fostered a sense of loyalty among the audience.

    Results: A Flourishing Partnership

    The collaborative efforts between Green Mind and Wood & More yielded remarkable results. Not only did the brand witness a surge in sales, but the social media metrics also reflected unprecedented growth in followers and engagement.

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    woodandmore - social media posts
    woodandmore - social media posts
    woodandmore - social media posts
    woodandmore - social media posts
    woodandmore - social media posts
    woodandmore - social media posts
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    woodandmore - social media posts
    woodandmore - social media posts


    In the realm of digital marketing, success is often an amalgamation of creativity, strategy, and client-agency synergy. Green Mind’s journey with Wood & More exemplifies how a well-executed social media management and media buying strategy can redefine a brand’s digital presence and drive tangible results.


    Green Mind’s strategies started showing measurable results within the first month of implementation.

    Navigating the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms posed occasional challenges, but Green Mind adapted swiftly.

    Absolutely. Influencer collaborations contributed to increased brand visibility and trust among the audience.

    The audience actively participated in polls and engaged with interactive content, indicating a positive response.

    The collaboration continues to evolve, with future plans focusing on innovative campaigns and expanding the brand’s digital footprint.

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