Altivate | Case Study

Altivate | Case Study


Altivate is a technology company based in Saudi Arabia and we managed to build a long co-operation with them to manage Linkedin and Twitter.

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  • Altivate
  • Computers and Internet
  • 2021
  • Saudi Arabia


Altivate | Case Study
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    Won the Deal

    We usually provide a clear pitching deck for our clients, and we gave a clear plan for Altivate in our presentation to let the client understand how things will go once we win the deal.

    We won the deal and start directly after signing legal contracts.

    Content Marketing

    Before moving to write the content we set a list of objectives for how this content will educate the clients and at the same time convert them to real buyers for these technologies, and we had several meetings to agree on how these objectives will be achieved through the continent.

    Content Writing

    We started by writing straightforward content and posts to be published on social media, we are also using a variety of content like images, videos, and also occasion events.

    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content

    Social Media Management

    To get ready for publishing we construct a plan for how the same content will be published on both platforms without extra approvals and this was achieved by using a unified creative post size, that can work for LinkedIn and Twitter.

    We also write content that can be used as 140 characters for Twitter.

    We also build a list of potential hashtags with volumes to show if these hashtags are used and can join the conversations quickly especially on Twitter.

    Linkedin Creative Content

    LinkedIn was the main channel for posting this content, and we used the perfect image sizing for images and another size for videos.

    Twitter Creative Content

    We started a Twitter account from scratch and succeeded to win some sort of followers based on the most used hashtags.

    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content
    Altivate Social Media Content

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