Multiples Group | Case Study

Multiples Group | Case Study


Multiples Group is one of the largest companies in the financial industry, and we succeed to deliver superb marketing services.

Multiples Group | Case Study
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Multiples Group | Case Study
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    Won The Marketing Pitch

    Multiples group team select our company to handle most of the digital marketing services, we won the competition against 2 other agencies based on the quality of research and digital marketing technique we provide for them.

    Also, our experience in the same field gives us a high chance to get things done and understanding how the financial firm is professional and needs an agency can reflect this in the same way.

    Financial Marketing Services

    Our agency provides the below services for multiples groups:

    1. Digital Marketing strategy and planning, with market research
    2. Social media management content and creatives
    3. Social media campaigns and Youtube ads
    4. Search engine optimization including technical issues fixation
    5. Email marketing campaigns
    6. PDF and teasers presentation

    An industry like finance is different and needs to be effective with financial graphs and rich content to get the perfect potential clients to engage.

    Marketing Strategy

    Before working on a huge project like that we built an unmistakable marketing plan before starting on selecting the digital services, Our financial client’s experience understands the importance of having a solid presentation with numbers and KPIs and we built this specifically for multiples group company, to understand the market before digging into the project.

    Digital Marketing Plan

    The digital marketing plan also includes the audience-based location and social media channels. We select the tone of voice that will be used in marketing with the language.

    The ideas after this plan are obvious for us and for the client too for which channels we can invest more. After signing the digital marketing services contract we set all the above plans into action.

    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study

    Linkedin Company Management

    Our main social media channel is Linkedin, Linked platform gives us the chance to build very professional content that can be served to the right audience, which they are all checking LinkedIn daily on making businesses and checking financial news and insights.

    Linkedin’s social media strategy is to get posts published early as it could be, based on the time that can cover the GCC region and Africa.

    Facebook and Youtube Management

    Using Other social media channels for marketing in parallel with LinkedIn is also give is the chance to explore a new market especially in countries that have a high demand in a specific channel, for example, Egypt and Facebook, the largest Egyptian audience are on there. Facebook marketing strategy is the same as LinkedIn without a huge effort or focus.

    As a creative social media agency, we put every piece of creativity that we have into this project and containing to produce this high level of content and post ideas, through Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study

    Social Media Report

    For reporting, we built a live social media reporting, that can allow the client anytime to get details about the latest performance through the website all social media channels, and SEO performance.

    Social Media Campaigns

    As we are delivering high-quality online advertising services, we built strong social media campaigns for the multiples group, We built this campaign to reach the audience that wants to find a high level of financial services and solutions so we put the Digital media buying plan based on that.

    Linkedin Ads

    We are using Linkedin campaigns including click-through website objectives and leads campaigns. For the targeting of a LinkedIn advertising campaign, we select the audience based on remarketing campaigns and pixel tracking through the website.

    Facebook Ads

    For Facebook Campaign, we used the same techniques as LinkedIn using pixels and make a remarketing campaign. Some other campaigns are running also on Youtube, give it the chance to explorer new areas in the finance field.

    Multiples Group | Case Study

    Interaction Design

    As a digital marketing agency, we have also the ability to build custom pdf designs and infographics teasers services.

    Presentation design

    Presentation design services from our agency are something we experiencing several times after we gain the client’s trust and ensure our capabilities to do it.

    Our work as a presentation design agency is to give the ideas and infographic materials that give the client the chance to build a rich financial material that can be used inside the house or to is shared outside the house.

    To check this presentation:

    Infographic Design

    We are also working on investment teaser designs, financial materials, graphs content, and infographics materials, with all types of charts and financial continents. We consider ourselves engineers on designs using golden ratio tools and techniques to make incredible design services, with several types. of formats like PDF, Powerpoint or even google slides materials.

    We are also considering our self as one of the top infographic design agencies in Egypt, we have a complete set of elements that can fit any business needs not only the financial services.

    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study


    As we mentioned with valid numbers that we have very high Search engine optimization skills that will boost the website performance, Multiples Group website is developed by another company, but we have the experience to make a remarkable SEO plan that helps the multiples group team to generate organic traffic from the website.

    SEO Strategy

    Our SEO plan is the same plan we used multiple times, this project has a small change, we must understand the main core development of the website first before fixing the technical issues we found on the website, the 4 steps we used to get this done is to: Fix the technical issues, keyword research, writing content and select the right topics, and finally getting the backlinks worked.

    SEO Technical Issues

    We starting by implementing the lazy loading for the images to make the page load quicker, and using webpages cache to reduce the time of executing. We checked every piece of code and how it works to make sure we have valid content for PHP, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

    SEO Keywords Research

    After that we built complete keyword research, to get the idea of the best topics and search terms that peoples used to get the results. Writing articles and content is something also we handle to get the chance to use these keywords we found.

    Another very important thing we used long-tail keywords, to get the right topics and articles and solve the questions that people are searching for.

    SEO Backlinks

    Finally, and as we mentioned, we built a backlinks listing plan to get the website submitted on related other website and shift up the backlinks score.

    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group | Case Study

    Email Marketing

    We started by creating extraordinary email marketing content ideas for the monthly and weekly newsletter with trackable conversions, Our main strategy there is to build a newsletter email that the audience will like and keep following the latest news that the multiples group provide, we have built KPIs for us to follow:

    • Email design must be responsive
    • Must be trackable and find the engagement rate
    • The content must be condensed and the design itself looks professional
    • Email loading speed
    • Recap email content and make conclusions

    Email Marketing Design Ideas

    We proudly solved all of that, our stunning email design ideas help the brand to get benefit from the users that received the emails. We also track all the information from that email and connect it with the google analytics reporting system to be able to track how many times people reach the website from the email marketing campaign.

    Email design is purely created from Green Mind Agency including coding it to HTML and CSS with responsive features and testing.

    Multiples Group | Case Study
    Multiples Group email campaign

    Services Covered:


    Multiples Group | Case Study

    Aya Zohaier

    Deputy Research Manager

    Great team and company! Professional and they can work under stress!

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