Online advertising with Marketing Strategy

Online advertising with Marketing Strategy

Online Advertising

Start your campaign with a competitive cost, your ad conversion is our main result, we provide Adwords campaign, display ads, and Facebook ads

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Caliber Clothing
Caliber Clothing Online Digital Marketing GDN media Campaign


Caliber clothing was a start-up company that needed a marketing agency to set her brand marketing

Display Advertising
MedEg Trip
MedEg Trip Google Adwords Campaign

United States of America

Our main MedEgy Trip AdWords objectives are increasing the conversion rate and reducing the cost per conversion signed up for the program

Google Ads
intuition Pro
Intuition Pro digital marketing campaign


Our online marketing campaign for Facebook and Instagram based on clear marketing objectives to sell the product, that's our main goal too,

Social Media Campaigns
Caliber Clothing
Caliber clothing, Social Marketing and E Marketing


A complete marketing plan ranging from marketing strategies, marketing concepts such as content and creatives like images, videos, and GIFs

Social Media Campaigns
Union National Bank
Union National Bank Facebook Marketing


We targeted the Egyptian market with a massive campaign through Facebook. The budget was split to fan page increase and engagement posts.

Social Media Campaigns
Harvest Education
Harvest Online Advertising on Facebook and Instagram


Harvest is a provider of English language training, that needed a social media campaign to promote its services using facebook lead ads

Social Media Campaigns
Abdel Mabood Coffee
Abdel Mabood Coffee Digital Marketing


Online advertising for The finest coffee served in Abdel-Mabood coffee branches on social networks, especially Facebook.

Social Media Campaigns
Iris Properties
Iris Instagram and Facebook Lead Ads


We focused on getting the highest conversions by targetting a specific category of people that could be interested in Iris units, using Face

Social Media Campaigns
Katameya Sporting Club
Katameya Sporting Club Facebook Campaign


Our Facebook Page Management content and creatives for Katameya Sporting Club.

Social Media Campaigns
Cairo Pharmacists Syndicate
Cairo Pharmacists Syndicate Facebook Campaign


Our campaign for Cairo Pharmacists Syndicate created by our digital marketing agency.

Social Media Campaigns
Keratin Cure
Keratin Cure Facebook social media campaign


Facebook social media campaign for such products is challenging, but we created a strong digital marketing plan that can help the client to

Social Media Campaigns
Fanning Ads Facebook Campaign for Butterfly


Facebook Ads

Internet Marketing Results

Looking for increasing your emarketing conversions. or increase in web search engine traffic like to be in # 1-page positioning in Google. These KPIs may sound unreasonable, however, they’re genuine outcomes from real Green Mind Agency customers.

Our Internet advertising services don’t simply drive traffic: they transform site visitors into paying clients, boosting your ROI, and conveying an encounter like no other. That is the reason businesses overall trust our digital media marketing agency.

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    As a leading digital marketing agency, we realize that your business is one of a kind. We need you to embrace what makes you unique, and what makes you stand apart from the competitors. That is the reason we offer internet marketing service tweaked to accommodate your interesting business needs, objectives, and expectations.

    If you’re searching for the best digital marketing agency in Egypt to deal with your internet marketing and boost your e-marketing to the top spot in marketing, we can make a digital marketing quotation customized only for you.

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    Is the largest online advertising companies can grantee the increase ROI? The answer is no, you can’t pick the largest agency in Egypt and start dealing with them, because they are largest.

    No, there are some important points for why to choose

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