Facebook Ads Agency for Big Brands

Facebook Ads Agency for Big Brands

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We are a Facebook ads agency that takes care of your ads are reaching the right audience. Target your audience with Facebook ads today.

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Facebook Ads Agency for Big Brands
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    Facebook Ads Agency that Gets Results

    You have a great product or service, but are you targeting the right people? We are a Facebook Ads Agency that offers digital marketing services at affordable prices. Our expert team is capable of handling any digital marketing project including but not limited to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

    Select Facebook advertising agency for your sponsored ads

    Generally, Facebook advertising is your shortcut to all users around the world, variety of objectives and Facebook ad targeting take it to be the #1 lead advertising platform.

    One of the important questions, the Facebook campaign can be easily done, and the steps are pretty straight forward, so why should you hire a Facebook advertising agency to get the job done?

    Facebook business ads advertising cost

    Marketing on Facebook is for everyone, for small businesses, local and multinational brands, and services, Green Mind Agency is working with the lowest % of the budget spent that can help both Facebook ad campaign budgets to be spent based on KPIs we provided.

    Another option for Facebook advertising cost is to charge a fixed fee to manage all ads from the client Facebook Manager, this also is an available model for the clients who would like to keep a fixed fee charged every month not based on percentage.

    Request a quote today for Facebook ads to get the best price within 48 hours.

    Facebook business ads advertising cost

    A Facebook marketing agency will give you the correct strategy

    To build a suitable campaign for your target audience using the correct Facebook targeting options the Facebook ad agency

    For example, your industry is an eCommerce website and mobile app, selling products, and these products are mainly targeting females, which need a lot of communication and questions will be showing up, so what’s the best types of Facebook ads that can help in this situation.

    The right answer is Messages Campaign with Facebook retargeting ads, which will help the audience interact and give them space for checking and evaluating the best product for them.

    Why should you hire an agency
    Facebook marketing agency will give you the correct strategy

    Facebook marketing lead gen ads for the B2B marketing

    What if you are working in real estate and have real estate Facebook ads running not as good as you expect? The problem may be that you are not sitting a percentage of your budget to the lead generation ads, or as known as Facebook leads ads, this also can be mixed with retargeting ads “will talk about it on the upcoming point” to get the lowest cost per lead as you can.

    Fb ads retargeting or re-marketing

    You remember your last time when you visited souq.com and see the products you searched for? Now, you will see it again on Facebook again and again until a certain period these ads will be disappeared let us describe to you why this is happening.

    Facebook allowing advertising to use a Facebook Pixel to target any user who visited the website, not only this, this also can allow the advertisers to target the users how is complete order form or make a purchase.

    An extra option is also available in the lookalike targeting option, to create a separate custom audience with lookalike users who made a purchase, to reach a very targeted audience and accordingly to get more revenue.

    Facebook lead gen Ads
    Facebook Ads retargeting with Facebook pixel
    Facebook Ads retargeting with contact list

    Facebook political ads and prohibited industries

    As a Facebook marketing agency, we may reject the type of industries they are not following up with the Facebook policies like political ads, Illegal products or services, drugs, and others, they are all described here

    Facebook ads types and objectives for 2020

    As we mentioned type of ads on Facebook are many, selecting the correct paid ads type is the key for successful sponsored ads, types are images, collection, carousel, slideshow, Instant Experience, Lead Generation ads, Dynamic ads, Messenger ads, and Stories ads.

    Type of objectives like below:


    • Brand Awareness
    • Reach


    • Traffic
    • Engagement
    • App Installs
    • Video views
    • Lead Generation
    • Messages


    • Conversions
    • Catalog sales
    • Store traffic
    Facebook ads types and objectives

    Facebook Ads Pricing Packages

    Understand the KPIs and goals before paying, we will also guide and optimize the plan and resources to make the best use of your digital marketing strategy, check our pricing packages from Prices Page.

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    Why Us

    Green Mind understands you well, as you are working hard to reach the prospective customer for purchase, which is what we are working to reach and define from the beginning.

    You also want to know how much it will cost you to reach a certain number of customers when the ads start on social media, this is something we will explain before starting the campaign, and provide the expected financial return that you will get after contracting.

    • Unifying the team's efforts in one direction and one goal
    • Account manager dedicated to managing your account
    • Certified professionals in managing and activating social media and Google ads
    • Creative minds who worked in different fields lead you to the most suitable creative ideas
    • A team of people whose job it is to follow up and respond to customers on social media platforms