Digital Marketing Definition | Mystery Behind it

Digital Marketing Definition | Mystery Behind it


This article will help you understand what digital marketing is and how it's important for any business, especially in Egypt.

Digital Marketing Definition | Mystery Behind it
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    Digital Marketing Definition

    Digital Marketing is a marketing technique that uses the internet to reach customers. Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing activity that involves digital technologies, such as social media, email, and text messaging.

    Digital Marketing can be used as a more efficient and cost-effective way of reaching out to target audiences on a global scale.

    Digital marketing is a great way for businesses to stay in contact with their customers and prospects by creating a one-on-one connection, for example:

    • Receive an SMS on your mobile phone for offers.
    • Get prompted content on social media
    • Spot ads on Google Search or websites you usually visit.
    • Discover content that encourages you to do something or buy a product

    Or any other digital channels except tv ads, radio ads, or billboards.

    Why It’s Important

    Digital marketing has been around for years and it is something that every company should invest in. It’s important to always be on the lookout for new trends in digital marketing because even though it’s not a new phenomenon, it does evolve with time.

    So, it’s important to remember that some industries are only able to be influenced by digital marketing efforts. And so sometimes radio and TV can come in handy.

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    Understand the Future

    Digital marketing is the future of marketing and has become a must-have for any company. It has evolved into a complex, integrated system that uses technology to reach, engage, and convert leads into customers.

    It’s more than just SEO, PPC, email marketing, or social media advertising. It’s all of these things working together to create an experience that leads to conversions.

    Marketers and brands are realizing the importance of digital marketing and its reach. With this realization, they are investing in digital marketing and building a strategy to stay relevant in today’s market.

    Unstoppable Updates

    Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. With the introduction of new technologies and social media platforms, marketers are always on the lookout to find new ways to engage with their audience.

    This is because of the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, which have led to a surge in the number of people who are online at any given time.

    Another important thing is that Digital marketing has also become more personalized than ever before. The use of data analytics allows marketers to target specific groups with customized messages that are relevant for them.

    Define Your Goal

    Before you join digital marketing, figure out why you’re doing it and use that as an anchor throughout your marketing journey.

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    Digital Marketing Growth in the Egyptian Market in 2022

    The Egyptian market is one of the most important in the Arab world and is a promising market for digital marketing. The local population in Egypt consists of around 98 million people with approximately 50% of them being internet users.

    The Egyptian economy is predicted to grow by 5% in 2017-2018, which is a significant improvement from the 3% growth experienced in the previous year. Businesses are now beginning to invest more in online marketing campaigns as they are seeing higher ROIs. Digital Marketing in Egypt is expected to grow at a rate of 17% in 2022.

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