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As a leading Social Media Management Agency, we let your social channel's community drive sales, with creative ideas and content.

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Mokhalasati Social Media Marketing covering Middle east

United Arab Emirates

Mokhalasati is an application handling people's governmental transactions in Egypt whether they are in Egypt or living abroad.

Community Management
Dili social media marketing with creative designs


Until now, it has been a great time helping Future Media in all their creative design related to DILI.

Visual Design
Iris Properties
Iris Community Management and Social Media Marketing


Our team understands the marketing strategies of luxurious real estate units, we've targeted A class users from all over Facebook and Instag

Community Management
Nestle, Nido Plus
Nestle Social Media Conversation Analytics

United Arab Emirates

We worked hard the last couple of months to understand the social media platforms of Nestle, and analyze and mentor the mediametrics

Conversation Analytics
Katameya Sporting Club
Katameya Sporting Club Creative Market Designs


Our main target was to provide a complete Digital Marketing strategy for the club and understand the market share.

Community Management
Union National Bank
Union National Bank Facebook Management and Social Media Strategies


We were responsible for Union national bank Facebook page management and by that we managed all replies to the comments and messages

Social Media Marketing
intuition Pro
Intuition Pro social media marketing


As an advertising agency, we understand the product marketing and set a clear marketing plan to help the customers understand the product

Community Management
Harvest Education
Harvest Facebook Page Management


Our Facebook Page Management content and creatives for Harvest Education.

Community Management
7nujoom influencer marketing

Saudi Arabia

It was a successful journey for our agency to promote 7nujoom by the most famous Egyptian influencers, we set an awareness videos online and share it across all social media channels to encourage the fans to attend the event and know more about 7nujoom.

Influencer Marketing
Keratin Cure
Facebook social media marketing for Keratin Cure


Our main goal as a social media marketing company is to deliver a strong facebook page management for all our clients.

Community Management
Butterfly Social Media Community and Editorial Management


Butterfly producers and designers of Wedding Cards, We helped them as a digital marketing agency to reach their clients.

Community Management
Ballooshy Community and Editorial Management


For Ballooshy we are working hardly to grow, build and guide an online community on social media, register and manage all social media presence, 24/7 focus on all your social media channels, provide brand based content, and providing reports for type, date, reach, impressions, clicks, engagements.

Community Management

Social Media Marketing Mission

Our main mission is to make your social media profitable and to drive high web traffic leads. Your brand name is our responsibility through all social media channels starting with planning, strategy, content creation, creative designing, influencer marketing, and social media moderation.

Social Media Agency Egypt

As a leading Social media marketing agency in Egypt, we promise to reach larger and high qualified leads organic and paid, get ready, and join our growing list of regional and global clients. With our fully dedicated team, We Deliver What We Promise!

Launch your business with the top Egyptian social media companies in Egypt.

Social Media Management
Table of Content

    Social Media Management Key Factors

    Social Media Marketing Agency average prices usually effected based on the below key factors:

    1. Company Experience
    2. Existing clients
    3. Number of Posts
    4. Industry experience
    5. #Numbers of social media
    6. Custom vs. Template posts
    7. Replies “Community Management”
    8. TAT – turn around time for creatives
    9. Flexibility – number of revisions

    You can take the 9 same points above as steps to select the company that will handle your social media.

    Company Experience

    Our social media agency in Egypt experience to expand the consumer base by getting and maintaining the right buyers. We also have a huge experience in running paid social media campaigns and can assist you to boost your promotion ROI. We’ve always done our social media marketing in-house at Green Mind Agency, so it’s easy for us to speed communication between you and us.

    Existing client’s

    This is something really important to check the current and old client’s that agency worked with, requesting a client list contacts to get feedback is also can add value, At Green Mind agency we provide that list usually at the start of the project.

    Social Media agency still viable

    Social Media management is not easy and it’s important today, a lot of complicated tools and requirements are in there, and remember your time is available and you can’t stay the whole day think about creating content, or marketing strategy or how to optimize the campaign, that means social media marketing agencies still a viable option for your business.

    Social Media channels winning campaigns

    Our Social Media Company in Egypt creates a Social Media Marketing Strategy first, then launch winning campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Recently TikTok. The Social Media market is fiercely competitive but our specialists know how to creatively design and implement content that can sharply target your audience by driving awareness, engagement, conversion with your brand.

    Social Media Packages

    Social media packages in Egypt start from 12,000 L.E. per month and it can reach 28,000 L.E. per month based on requirements, there’s no concrete source of that but based on our research and communications. the average is always relying on business requirements, all prices based in Egypt.

    Here, you can find all the full prices packages:

    Advantages of Social Media

    1. Reach large audiences with low cost
    2. Direct connection with customers
    3. Paid advertising access
    4. Performance evaluation

    Company Experience Social-Media-Management-and-Analysis-Green-Mind

    Social Media Marketing Services

    Top 7 Social Media that we manage

    Apparently, as a social media marketing company we can manage any of the existing social media channels or that new once will be created, every social media has its taste, and we identifying your niches:

    1. Facebook – 2.23 billion
    2. YouTube – 1.9 billion
    3. Instagram – 1 billion
    4. Tik Tok – 500 million
    5. Twitter – 335 million
    6. LinkedIn – 294 million
    7. Snapchat – 255 million

    By selecting the right social media channel that can fit on the industry, the below services list we can provide for any social media channel:

    1. Social media marketing strategy and planning
    2. Account creation and branding
    3. Content creation and publishing
    4. Research and analysis
    5. Social Media Campaigns
    6. Community management

    Social Media Marketing Services List

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