2018 Digital Marketing Show Reel

2018 Digital Marketing Show Reel


Remember, the marketing agency you select could make or break your business online.

2018 Digital Marketing Show Reel
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    Throwing back over the past 4 years, Green Mind Agency has honestly depicted actual client success stories. Serving more than 20 high profile clients including Industry, automotive, financial companies, and agencies, we’ve proven our capabilities that stretch from Marketing plan-building concepts and strategies to integrated digital and internet marketing services.

    Struggling to generate leads? Want to attract more prospects to your pages? Want to expose your brand to an international market? Don’t get left behind! We now provide our services to 3 divisions; including Business to Business Marketing, Business to Customer, and finally Business to Agency such as 7awi Network.

    And although our success with our clients is important, there’s also a really great way to determine how any digital marketing agency you’re considering will market your brand. Simply, by taking a look here at our website and social media marketing to know how our agency markets its own brand!

    We promise to help you become The Go-To Resource in your niche, a market leader, and a Better-Known brand TODAY! So, what are you waiting for?

    Our Clients list: Nestle, Nido Plus, Union National Bank, Katameya Sporting Club, Toyota, 7awi, Tarek Nour, Harvest Education, Cairo Pharmacists Syndicate, National Gas, Iris, Blue Nile, Abdel Mabood Coffee, Amira El Zahed, Arabia Gaz Egypt, Arabia Oil, Chemdry, Cha International, Rubics, Ctip, Intuituin Pro, Keratin Cure, Kier Navigator, Swing Education, Unlimited Press, Zproduction, Ballooshy

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    Celebrating Green Mind Agency’s 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Digital Excellence

    Celebrating Green Mind Agency’s 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Digital Excellence

    Join us in commemorating Green Mind Agency's 10th Anniversary – a decade of transforming digital landscapes. Explore the journey, growth, and global impact.

    31st Jan, 2024

    Unlock – the Game Changer for B2B Businesses

    Unlock – the Game Changer for B2B Businesses

    In a recent video interview, Green Mind Agency's CEO Peter Mikhael shares his experience with Unlock for generating successful leads.

    15th Jan, 2023


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    Why Us

    Green Mind understands you well, as you are working hard to reach the prospective customer for purchase. This is what we are working to reach and define from the beginning.

    You also want to know how much it will cost to reach a certain number of customers when the ads start on social media. This is something we will explain before starting the campaign, and provide the expected financial return that you will get after contracting.

    • Unifying the team's efforts and one goal
    • Account manager dedicated to managing your account
    • Certified professionals in managing and activating social media and Google ads
    • Creative minds who worked in different fields led you to the most suitable creative ideas
    • A team of people who follow up and respond to customers on social media platforms