Via Pharma | Case Study

Via Pharma | Case Study


Full social media management to one of the Biggest pharmacies in Lebanon was very challenging but we managed to achieve our plan.

Via Pharma | Case Study
  • Via Pharma
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • 2019
  • Lebanon


Via Pharma | Case Study
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    The Facebook page management for Via Pharma

    Our role as one of the digital media marketing companies in Egypt for Via Pharma is to deliver a high level of content to another country, As it was a very challenging task, but for an experienced digital marketing agency, we managed to upload 3 daily attractive fully customized designs in specific hours of the day, from photos designs, High-quality videos, GIFS, and competitions using their products like cosmetics and sanitary products and it was easily done.

    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study

    Content writing is the key for the social media marketing agency services

    One of the services that Green Mind is providing and experienced in is content writing, every design needed attractive content matching the design, so we crafted catchy contents to get the attention of the customers to drive sales to Via Pharma.

    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study
    Via Pharma | Case Study

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    Via Pharma | Case Study

    Rawad Merashly


    Best of the Best. Highly Recommended. Dedicated / professional / Well organized team.

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