Monthly Average Digital Marketing Salaries in Egypt

Monthly Average Digital Marketing Salaries in Egypt


Digital marketing salaries are a very sensitive topic for all agencies in Egypt, but as usual, we'll talk about it in detail.

Monthly Average Digital Marketing Salaries in Egypt
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    Before You Start Reading

    It should be well known that these salaries are variable numbers, as they depend on the size of the agency and the maximum and minimum salary payments.

    Other factors that also affect these salaries are income taxes, social and medical insurances. As we mentioned, the same numbers cannot be used for all companies. There are other dimensions that can affect them, but with a small percentage that does not exceed 10%.

    Average Salaries

    Digital Marketing, Marketing, Advertising, PR Avarage Salaris are between: 3,024 EGP and 34,704 EGP

    #Job TitleMinimumMaximum
    1Digital Marketing Specialist3,157 EGP12,249 EGP
    2Social Media Specialist3,024 EGP9,328 EGP
    3Copywriter3,024 EGP9,328 EGP
    4Marketing Analyst4,340 EGP12,391 EGP
    5SEO Specialist4,812 EGP10,478 EGP
    6Account Manager3,024 EGP13,384 EGP
    7Graphic Designer4,102 EGP9,425 EGP
    8Media Buyer4,177 EGP11,606 EGP
    9Web Designer / WordPress5,340 EGP11,260 EGP
    10Digital Marketing Manager7,304 EGP18,805 EGP
    11Digital Marketing Director15,606 EGP34,704 EGP


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