Digital Marketing Course In Egypt | Paid Locations

Digital Marketing Course In Egypt | Paid Locations


We usually receive this question, do you offer a Digital Marketing Course In Egypt? Well, we will explain everything about that course.

Digital Marketing Course In Egypt | Paid Locations
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    Although we are a digital marketing agency providing digital services, we are not specialized in providing a digital marketing course in Egypt. However, in this article, we will discuss some topics and ways to help you choose the most appropriate place to start your journey in the field of digital marketing.

    You should know that we will only list the paid places, and the prices that we will mention are subject to change, we will work hard to update this content constantly to get an updated list.

    Providers List In Cairo

    #1 Canadian Chamber of Commerce In Egypt

    Canadian Chamber of Commerce In Egypt Digital Marketing Diploma

    Website Facebook Page

    • Alexa Rank: 518K
    • Prices: Not Provided
    • Phone: +201001004070
    • Location: Villa 25 Mourad street off Orouba, Heliopolis, Cairo
    • Supporting Language: English and Arabic

    Our review for this course:

    Canadian chamber is one of the trusted places in Egypt, after looking at their website and explaining the extent of the system in place, they divide the diploma into 5 sections: Introduction to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, and Google Ad Words & Analytics.

    If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with the first course “Introduction to Digital Marketing”, then you choose the advanced course from the other sections.

    We love the website and how things are organized especially that you can book directly from the website, and they already have a phone number and Email for quick contacts.

    #2 The American University in Cairo

    Career Certificate in Digital Marketing The American University in Cairo

    Website Facebook Page

    • Alexa Rank: 28K
    • Prices: 1000 EGP for Admission and English, technical test, and 1800/ 3 CEUs course price
    • Phone: 16723
    • Location: AUC Tahrir Square and AUC New Cairo
    • Supporting Language: English

    Our review for this course:

    Digital marketing diploma at AUC “the American University in Cairo” one of the biggest and oldest universities, which occupies the first place in education in Egypt, also offers a general digital marketing course, not specialized in a specific department.

    What is unique about this university is that its name is very remarkable, and if you are going to mention this course in your CV, know very well that your chances will be very great to get your future job.

    When looking at the content of the course, we did not find much. It is a very general course in the field of digital marketing. The course is not expensive, so I think that you are the beneficiary of this course in name and not as developing yourself in the field.

    The course also offers a digital marketing certificate from the university, which is a very important certificate and as we mentioned as a name, not practical.

    #3 IMFND – Integrated Marketing Foundation

    Digital Marketing Diploma imfnd

    Website Facebook Page

    • Alexa Rank: 654K
    • Prices: 9000 EGP
    • Phone: +201026688635
    • Location: El Serag Building, Building 2, Nasr City, Cairo
    • Supporting Language: English and Arabic

    Our review for this course:

    They always named the foundation as a Digital Marketing Diploma in Egypt, and after reviewing the details of the diploma, it is clear that it is carefully compiled and very in-depth and covers many areas and sections within digital marketing.

    The course is including Social Media Management & Analytics, Content Creation Techniques for Social Network, SEO Fundamentals, Google Analytics, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Snapchat Advertising, Google Ads, Twitter Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, and Digital Brand Strategy.

    The price is relatively high, but the benefit is very large, if you like to study deeply within digital marketing, then this course will fit your needs. After searching, we also found some separate courses on the website, with a separate price for each course.

    If you intend to start this course, you shouldn’t be related to work and have a suitable time for this study, the course is relatively large. We think also that their website is not updated regularly, as we find some titles talking about the latest updates in 2018, and we are in 2021, and the field is very developed, so these addresses must be constantly updated.

    #4 High Performance Academy

    Digital Marketing Course in Egypt Best Practical Course by hpa

    Website Facebook Page

    • Alexa Rank: 1.3M
    • Prices: 4800 EGP
    • Phone: +201000950433
    • Location: 8 Mohamed Anis st. ElMarghany, Heliopolis, Cairo
    • Supporting Language: English and Arabic

    Our review for this course:

    Before getting to know the company providing the course, it is noted that their site is very slow, but after opening, we found the course covering important parts of digital marketing without details.

    Something also called us to ask, which is the course duration is 48 hours, and we do not know what the duration of the entire course? And for a month or 4 months?

    We were not very impressed by the information presented on the website, we recommend talking with them over the phone to get more information.

    #5 Eslsca University

    Diplomas ESLSCA University - Marketing

    Website Facebook Page

    • Alexa Rank: 709K
    • Prices: Not Provided
    • Phone: 19298
    • Location: Pyramids Heights, Building B06, Km 22 of Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Egypt
    • Supporting Language: English and Arabic

    Our review for this course:

    The university’s website is very distinguished and clear to access information, including the number of hours of the course and the language used, the name of the course: Digital Transformation, which is not a digital marketing course, it is a course for the transition to digital marketing from other fields.

    The course is not suitable for recent graduates or the person who wants to enter digital marketing, it is the closest, but not the right one for you.

    Providers In Alexandria

    #1 Alexandria University

    Alexandria University Digital Marketing

    Website Facebook Page

    • Alexa Rank: Not Provided
    • Prices: Not Provided
    • Phone: 035921678
    • Location: 22 El-Gaish Rd, Al Azaritah WA Ash Shatebi, Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate
    • Supporting Language: English and Arabic

    Our review for this course:

    Alexandria University is one of the oldest universities in Egypt, and of course, University No.1 in Alexandria, offers a 30-hour Digital Marketing course. They offer the course, including some important parts in the field, but it is very clear that the course is not very in-depth.

    If you are a resident of Alexandria, it is a course that puts you at the beginning of the road, but you will not reach the depth of field with this course only.

    Digital Marketing Course In Egypt For Beginners

    After getting all the details, let’s ask an important question, Why do you need a course in the field of digital marketing, and of course, it is paid?

    The field of digital marketing is a very open and complex field. Before starting, you must know all the sections of digital marketing, and we will now talk about them before starting, Digital marketing has 4 important sections

    Do you think it’s easy because they only have four sections? no never

    Each of them has its world, and we have added links to each one of them so that you know what each section contains, and it will also determine the digital marketing diploma that you will choose.

    Are you someone who loves to write? Do you like programming? or design? Or rather, data analysis? Questions you should consider before choosing.

    But we will make it easier for you, study everything, try as much as possible to obtain a general course, what does this do and what will I become about going deeper into it.

    Digital Marketing University

    Universities are developed very much at present, and you can find a graduate from these universities who is fluent in a programming language or specializes in marketing.

    What amazed us was our recent meeting with the German University in Cairo (GUC) and the extent of the student’s passion for the field and their intense development, not only this but also their development in performance and work on real projects.

    Expect that you are in a fast-developed field, the course that you intend at the beginning is only the beginning and not the end, expect that you will also enter a highly sought-after field and the number of students graduated from these courses and universities has become very large.

    You can watch the full interview with the German University in Cairo in the following video:

    Digital Marketing Course In Egypt Fees

    The prices of the courses are variant in Cairo, and also, as it is clear in Alexandria, we did not reach the appropriate places in a large number.

    The prices start from 3000 Egyptian pounds and reach 9000 Egyptian pounds, depending on your choice of the course.

    The disparity is also noticeable in the course content, as some courses talk about entrance to the field only, and some courses go very deep within each topic.

    Questions To Answer Before Selecting A Course

    The purpose of this article is to help you choose the right place for digital marketing courses, which is what we have listed above, but…

    You have a big factor in determining the appropriate course, as we mentioned, if you are looking for an in-depth or general academic education, do you need a certificate or not, all of these questions determine the appropriate place to start the course.

    Our work in the field of digital marketing has gained us a lot of experience in this field, and also with our employees, we know what is unique about the CV that highlights your strength from the rest of the applicants.

    Select The Course Providers Near Your Location

    Another important thing in the research is the proximity of the places of the course to you, we know very well that in the era of Corona it is possible to perform everything from home, especially digital marketing.

    Agree with you, but? What if you want to meet with teachers and other stakeholders to gain skills or a project for a group of learners? Think of the one closest to your home that will save you a lot of time and effort in moving.

    If you are outside Cairo, you can rely on the Internet, and we believe that there are companies in the governorates and cities that offer the same courses.

    Finding A Digital Marketing Course Abroad

    If you are looking for a master’s degree in digital marketing in Egypt, I think that you will not be able to achieve anything, this type of master’s degree is preferable to studying outside Egypt.

    But if you want to do a master’s degree without traveling, we recommend the website:, as it is working on finding a master’s or doctorate in this field.

    If you go to academic studies in this way, you should think about the future of work that you desire, in this case, you can work as a doctor in universities or as a consultant in large companies, and also expect that you will spend a lot of money for this up to years. It depends on you if you want to increase your information with a master’s degree.

    Will You Get An Easy Job After Taking The Course?

    The answer, of course, will be no, getting any job has completely different criteria, taking any course, even if it is one of the most expensive courses offered, does not guarantee that you will get the job.

    From our side as a company, and if we talk in terms of employment, taking any course is part of the CV and not necessarily to be there, but this will make the person interviewing you ask about it and what’s your benefit from it, so be ready for this question.

    Having a course in the CV also gives a good impression of you, so you appear as a person who loves the field and trying to develop yourself and your knowledge with the courses and diplomas offered.

    Recommended Course Duration

    The appropriate time for the course is to be from one month to 4 months. We believe that this is the period of receiving information only within the course and not applying it or implementing it in real projects. You learn something new and it has usual updates, so you need to spend a good time to move forward.

    Digital marketing is considered a specialty in a university, you are choosing the career path that will continue with you for many years, to guarantee success in this field you must be dedicated to learning, no rush is needed to understand things quickly, this will not lead you to a result.

    We believe that the appropriate age to start learning is during university if you do not have the passion from the beginning, but if you have passion, you can start learning from the age of 12 if possible.

    Your Objectives When Selecting A Course

    We will review with you some of the goals that you must follow in the journey of the course.

    Digital Marketing Course In Egypt | Paid Locations

    #1 Forming Relationships

    During the course, you will meet with professors and professionals in the field of digital marketing. You must interact and learn from them well and at the same time form relationships with them, and this will help you a lot after completing the course.

    #2 Knowing Your Strengths And Weaknesses

    During your studies, you will focus on things that you will like very much and others that you will not be easy. It does not have to be because of you. It may happen because of the teacher presenting the course. In this case, ask more or search by yourself on the Internet to learn more.

    #3 Be Convinced Of Your Choice

    If you choose a specific course within digital marketing, think about it well before choosing it. Dissatisfaction in the middle of the course may cause you to leave the course or feel that the field is difficult.

    #4 Commitment

    Your commitment to attend the courses regularly is important, if you are a non-committed person, do not start from the beginning, in some places they provide a certificate at the end of the course. If you are not committed, you will not get it.

    #5 Chat Quietly

    You are in this course to learn, you do not compete with teachers or any of the learners, you must be committed to respect for everyone and calm to get the greatest possible benefit.


    Digital marketing courses are important to start in this field but it has some rules to follow and to get the best from it. Please understand very well that you will invest your time, effort, and money also in learning digital marking. If you have any questions, we welcome inquiries or different points of view.


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