Digital Marketing Agency Structure | How It Looks?

Digital Marketing Agency Structure | How It Looks?


Through our long experience in the Egyptian market, we will go through our digital marketing agency structure ​and how it works.

Digital Marketing Agency Structure | How It Looks?
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    Agency Organizational Structure

    Through our continuous research in the field of digital marketing and our work in Egypt and the Middle East, we will describe below the right structure of the Digital Marketing agency:

    #1 Board Of Directors

    This team consists of the owner of the company, the CEO, and the investment partners. This team is the top management that leads the company forward.

    This team should be experts in the digital marketing field, have the capital to invest, they also have the upper hand in controlling the departments.

    There is a big difference between a company owner and a CEO:

    Agency Owner

    He is the person who is the real owner of the company and is aware of all the company’s expenses and profits. He is always looking for investors and finding long-term companies.

    Agency Owner


    He is the person who implements the senior management plan and makes sure that all the company’s employees are moving in the right direction. He is the captain of the ship who will be blamed for failure or will be praised for success.


    #2 Technology

    Engineers And Developers

    Engineers are the heart of the company who think about product development and product composition. The engineers’ task is also to make and implement product plans, follow up on the latest updates in the development field.

    Engineers and developers

    Planning and Product Development

    This department sets the strategy and the general direction of the product and also follows up on the engineer’s department to ensure that the product is developed appropriately.

    Planning and Product Development

    #3 Operations

    The operation department is responsible for the implementation, they implement all the ideas and uses marketing tools to reach the desired goal.

    The operation is divided into 4 sections:

    • Content and Design
    • Developers Department – Website and mobile application design and development
    • Social media
    • Media buying and advertisements

    #4 Sales

    It is the department that is always connected to existing customers and builds relationships with new customers, they are the people who always make calls and interviews to sell the company’s services.

    The sales department also identifies two types of customers: B2B and B2C, this will direct the digital marketing services to serve companies or individuals.


    #5 Business Development

    The Business Development Department is responsible for contracts with companies that provide complementary services and can be sold to new clients.

    One of the important responsibilities also is to improve the level of services provided, works alongside the sales department to clarify the extent of benefit from this partnership, and start selling it.

    Business Development

    #6 Marketing

    This team develops the marketing within the agency and works alongside the cell and technology departments, and of course, it is divided into two important sections: Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing And Branding.

    Because we are a digital marketing agency, we will rely entirely on digital platforms to start the marketing plan, but for the traditional marketing we can enter into it, the traditional marketing will be considered important for clients of certain categories.


    #7 HR

    Talent Acquisition

    This team is responsible for finding job seekers, the right ones. They are also in constant contact with the contracts team to follow up with them if someone leaves the company and if there is an empty place to search for a new person with the same capabilities.

    This team also must be familiar with the field of digital marketing, they should know even a little about this field. In addition, the English language is very important for them to enable them to manage professional job interviews with applicants.

    Talent Acquisition

    Payroll and Contracts

    This team is divided into two parts. The first part is related to contracts and promotions within the company, and how they are managed.

    This team also keeps important documents for employees and copies of contracts.

    The other section ensures the attendance and departure of employees and how they are in compliance with the work rules, and also ensures that annual leave and national events are reported.

    This team also determines the salaries of employees on an appropriate basis and issues a monthly salary report to the accounts department.

    Payroll and Contracts

    #8 Finance

    Cash Management

    The responsibility of this team is to pay the financial dues, collect checks, and make sure that there is no shortfall in the collected funds.

    This team also verifies the money in the banks and how it is collected or transferred to other companies or persons.


    This team is associated with money as well, but by defining the budget for everything. It starts with expenses and ends with receivables, and they also set the balance between the company’s expenses and how he works to reduce them if they exceed the limit.


    #9 Legal

    The legal team reviews contracts and follows up on cases if any. It also verifies the legality of the agency’s papers and their handling, in the event of any lawsuit against the company, this team works to resolve or negotiate it.


    #10 Admin And Facilities

    The Admin

    The admin is always one or two people in the agencies, and they are responsible for receiving calls and answering inquiries from potential clients on the email or the official website.

    The admin is also responsible for organizing meeting appointments, receiving guests, making sure to wait in the right place, and so on.

    Facilities Manager

    The facilities team checks the work environment tools, for example, are the chairs working well? Do we need another number of cameras to monitor the place?

    They are also responsible for the cleaning and security workers, ensuring that they perform their work well and arranging the shifts to suit each person.

    Admin And Facilities

    How This Structure Built

    You are thinking a lot about how we came up with this ideal organizational structure for a digital marketing agency. Let us explain a few things to you.

    Our experience is divided into two, which is working within agencies and managing them, and they are two completely different experiences.

    For example, the founder and current director of the company, Peter Mikhael, in the field of digital marketing since 2002, started from the development and design of websites and through SEO, we find that there is a passion within the founder of the company, and therefore he transferring this passion to the company’s employees as well.

    Digital Marketing Agency Structure | How It Looks?

    Why it’s effective

    This structure has been tested for many years. The company started in 2014 and we have learned and modified a lot to reach the best shape for it.

    Also, this structure was not only a result of our ideas, but we have searched a lot and found the right companies to help us start the company structure to reach the right shape.

    You should also know that this structure is adjustable with the changes that will occur in the field of digital marketing, the field of marketing is an evolving science and all things within the company must also evolve.

    What’s Next

    Let’s agree that this agency team structure depends on the company’s experience, as well as studying other agencies and how they work from the inside, but it is subject to change based on the company’s capital and resources. If the company’s capital is very small, some responsibilities can be merged and assigned to each person.

    Startups in the first period of the company are very difficult and there is not a lot of money that can be spent on employees or increase salaries, so it is possible to shorten some responsibilities or search for part-time employees, for example, the accounts department can be managed once or twice per week by a part-time employee, and this would be a money saver than a full-time employee, and you can find here some related ideas from our agency.

    This structure also has very many advantages, including you can start with it directly when starting to open your agency, but the hardest part is how to apply it. If you imagine that this will be as easy as in this article, you want to think again.

    The primary goal of listing how an agency works from the inside is for our customers.

    As a customer, you will know how the company works from the inside, from the beginning of signing contracts to managing your business online.


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