We are looking for people to work with us in digital marketing

It's not necessary for you to be specialized in this field.

You won’t have to work only as a graphic designer or be responsible for a certain or a specific task. Our work style is different!

Your work is based on the job’s priorities. We believe that in this field ( digital marketing field ) everything is connected. You can’t only create ads on google while you don’t understand what’s a website or how to fix website SEO and keywords for example. And if you are a graphic designer, your work will not be perfect unless you understand the content and share your ideas with your teammate.

But there are priorities, your job can be mostly creating content and posting yes, but if we need to change something in the design you will learn how to do that and make it yourself. If you are a graphic designer and we asked you to create leads ad
you will be able to create it. This is because we don’t work individually! we work as a team…

Apply Now: bit.ly/greenmindcareer

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