10th Jun, 2020

Digital Marketing Agency is different than a marketing agency

The difference is clear, but the client expects you as a digital marketing agency to get a part of a marketing agency work, we are in Green Mind it’s totally fine to accept that with some limitations, we can also suggest a sister marketing companies to help if the required brief need this.

We are also transparent on this if the brief or required services needs something from another company they specialized in, we can recommend for sure before things getting deeper.


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    Create opportunities with the best digital marketing agency

    Select an internet marketing agency in Egypt to hire is not an easy decision, shortlisting this agencies is not like contact all of them at once with a brief to solve. no, we believe it’s not working like that.

    Opportunities are big not only in Egypt but in the middle east too, and after COVID-19 pandemic, Digital services and marketing are on the peak, however, Clients fully expect that once they’ve hired an agency they no longer have to keep their eyes on marketing, trends, branding and anything related to this, here’s the opportunity coming from.

    Inhouse digital marketing agency services is a plus

    Agency services need to be inhouse as possible, not all of them, it’s okay but, from our experience, a high percentage of the clients looking for the inhouse team and services run in the kitchen.

    We will describe some of the most needed services we usually meet in existing projects:

    Influencer marketing agency: one of the important questions can you handle an influencer marketing campaign for our brand? for our company the answer is yes, we already have recent projects, with 1500 influencer the clients can choose from with our recommendations

    Web marketing agency: using website design and development  in a marketing campaign is important and we believe it much important to invest for the website rather than social media pages or accounts

    Social media marketing agency: definitely social media is changing the way of marketing from years, getting the best of it needs a lot of creativity on design and targeting the correct audience, not only this selecting the correct platform is important for social media marketing

    Email marketing agency: simple but effective, remember how many times you open your email, and how effective if you have a targeted campaign that can hit your audience mail inboxes.

    Top 10 Search Result leaders for Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt
    Top 10 Search Result leaders for Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt

    2020 Top 10 Search leaders for Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt

    Based on this search results below is the digital marketing agency ranking:

    First Page:

    1. Arqqa
    2. Green Mind Agency
    3. Be
    4. mrco-Egypt
    5. road9media

    Second Page:

    1. Theappconcept
    2. Pimula
    3. Emarketing Egypt
    4. sendiancreations
    5. Digital Essence

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