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Managing Official Youtube channel for TikTok MENA


With this great opportunity, Green Mind Agency as a top digital agency in Egypt takes the lead to manage the official page for TikTok MENA Youtube! page.

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TikTok Social Media Marketing for YouTube

TikTok Social Media Marketing for YouTube

25th Feb, 2020


Youtube Management Agency

Handling something like TikTok’s official channel page needs a strong digital marketing agency with a youtube video management background that can handle the video editing process and ideas behind the videos.

Table of Content

    Create and Edit Youtube videos

    Our main KPIs are to generate subscriptions and video views in a shorter time as possible, and that’s what we aim to do.

    The client chooses us as a great performing youtube channel management agency to make videos and content that get a recap for the latest and amazing videos on youtube.

    Youtube Keywords Optimization

    We also managed to get the most used keywords and searched keywords through google to understand and build a content answer and cover these keywords we found.

    TikTok covers:

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