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To build premium WordPress themes for your business is not easy, we give a transparent plan for hosting, templates, SEO, and pricing

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Online paid or even free themes are not fully compatible with your business layout, so your question now is, so, what’s the solution.

The solution we discovered after 100+ WordPress website designing and development is a dynamic content and page builders you can build it with yourself, we promise a dynamic WordPress website and a strong and stable WordPress hosting that can solve 80% of the work.

Our timeline for the WordPress templates is 3 days – 1 week to fully have a clone website from our gallery running and ready to change the content on. We can also provide a testing CMS panel to test your website before we sign contracts.

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    WordPress website types

    We also provide all types of WordPress development, like WordPress blog, WordPress eCommerce, and also using lightweight plugins for WordPress to boost your WordPress SEO. WordPress pricing is affordable since we have our work previously accomplished and you will see your template ready.

    Request pricing rate cards and packages today and this will be ready within 1-hour max.

    CTIP Website Design and Development

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