Multiples Group PDF teasers | presentation design

Interaction Design

It is simply the practice of designing interactive digital and physical products with the user’s behavior in mind when interacting with it.

Latest Projects

Latest Projects

Multiples Group PDF teasers | presentation design

Multiples Group PDF teasers | presentation design

1st Feb, 2021

Interaction Design Service

A memorable experience

Often times you use an application or a service that you believe offers a lot of added value to your day, however, you hate their design or how many buttons are needed to get to your desired function.

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    Imagine, design, and implement

    The field of interactive design is seen as the axis on which UX designers’ work revolves around, trying to satisfy all five dimensions of their work; words, visual representation, physical objects, time, and behavior. There is no doubt it is one of the most pivotal aspects of UX design, and that’s why Green Mind Agency makes sure all these cornerstones are well covered and executed to perfection.

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