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7nujoom influencer marketing

7nujoom influencer marketing

21st Jul, 2015

Influencer Marketing Service

Influencer marketing definition

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on targeting social media leaders based in number of followers to drive brand message and awareness to specific people or followers.

How Influencer Marketing On Social Media changed after COVID-19

Not only the influencers on social media behavior change, everything in social media effected by COVID-19.

Table of Content

    Below we will describe how we make the best influencer marketing campaigns on the different social media platforms.

    Influencer marketing on TikTok

    TikTok is a key changer, and it’s also new for all Social media marketers, we are all exploring TikTok and think about how to use it as an influencer marketing platform.

    The best way we used in TikTok is to engage in a hashtag challenge.

    Hashtag Challange is a brand asks TikTok users to perform a task, like dancing in a way that can help the brand show the marketing message, and tag the brand using a specific hashtag

    Think about one of the big names in TikTok join this challenge and encourage the followers more and more to know that brand, something will definitely go viral.

    We are one of the influencer marketing companies that already have a plan and strategy specifically for TikTok. hashtag challenge is one of them for influencers campaigns.

    7nujoom influencer marketing
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