Nestle Social Conversation Monitoring and Listening

Conversation Analytics

What companies are trying to do is understand their customers based on the millions and millions of qualitative data pieces being provided.

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Latest Projects

Nestle Social Conversation Monitoring and Listening

Nestle Social Conversation Monitoring and Listening

9th May, 2014

Conversation Analytics Service

The never-ending conversation

In the current world of digital platforms we are living in and the different time zones around the world, social media, and other outlets always have people online to discuss topics and share their opinions on local and international events, this is where conversation analytics comes into play.

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    Words have value

    Conversation analytics is the ability to convert all this speech into meaningful data and insights where company managers can take decisions based on it. The technology is present, and even though it still hasn’t reached the levels of full accuracy, the amount of information provided through conversation analytics is absolutely crucial in the current digitalized world we live in. Green Mind Agency excels at making sure they are keeping track of the conversation analytics of their clients, and advising them towards better results.

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