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Community Management Delegation

Social media moderation or social media community management services as we call it is a routine task for the brands, but for us, it’s not. We love engagements, we love to get conversations with the audience and represent the brand in the best way.

Community Management Guidelines

Usually, social media moderation is a part of the social media management servers, and it’s important to close the circle between the content, Ads, and creativity. our guidelines list:

  1. Build question and answers
  2. Make the responsive rate high
  3. Engage within 5-6 hours max
  4. 24/7 dedication
  5. build a conversation
  6. Be nice, polite, we represent your brand

Community Management Analytics

The community management will also affect the social media management report, increasing the comments and engagement will boost the content quickly to the audience.

We understand this situation since we are taking care of channels and pages with Millions of fans, build a strong relationship with the audience is something important to achieve for us.

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