Web and Mobile Solutions for Dr. Hossam Abol Atta

25th Aug, 2019

Dr. Hossam Abol Atta

Website: https://www.drhossam.com/

SEO Services In Egypt For Doctor Hossam

We took access to everything regarding the doctor’s website
Starting with discovering and fixing all the technical issues from Headers to URL & Titles.
Afterward, we worked on coding problems and javascript along with CSS and visibility on mobile.

We kept track of our work using websites to measure the performance of the website, like google search console and google analytics and to check if the website is beginning to be SEO optimized. We also used website grader and Metrix to check the website speed and content.

Fast Results Achieved by Our SEO Company in Cairo

By collecting the top Keywords used in the plastic surgery medical field in KSA and Egypt, then inserting them in sensitive places that google manages to read & adding news regularly.

  1. We managed to achieve fast results within only one month
  2. User rate increased by 120%
  3. Now the doctor website appears in the first and second pages

It was a very good and satisfying experience working with doctor Hossam and his team.


Our full-service Digital Marketing agency help Dr. Hossam Abol Atta to grow with SEO services we provided.

DR. Hossam SEO services In Egypt

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