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MedEg Trip is one of the largest companies in the health industry, and we succeed to deliver superb marketing services.

The impact of digital marketing in healthcare

Customer behavior has changed over the years. digital marketing for the healthcare industry has its own business benefits.

According to nbcnews, The number of people searches for a diverse range of health-related subjects continues to grow in 2020 and based on this article we have found the below key important points.

  • 80% of internet users are searching for medical and healthcare-related topics
  • Most health care topic is prospection
  • Female is seeking more for healthcare topics than men
Social Media Management Work for MedEg Trip

The transformation we made in digital marketing for healthcare

We have a good number of projects related to this topic, and we gain a lot of experience in there, one of them is MedEg Trip we built a worldwide campaign for Medical tourism in Egypt.

With an 8 languages campaign, we built a strong healthcare content marketing with understanding the difference between these countries and culture.

For the healthcare industry, each medical and health care provider must be visible online and build a positive reputation health care provider 31% decide on a provider that has a base online, checking also the reviews to get the feedback about this provider.

Having a positive patient experience is important to every healthcare provider understanding your patient’s experiences to improve your service will build loyalty and strengthen your patient relationships. Our team will give your 360-degree healthcare digital marketing needs if you’re ready to improve your patient acquisition.

MedEg Trip covers:


Social Media Management Work for MedEg Trip

Social Media Management Work for MedEg Trip

23rd Mar, 2019

Social Media Campaigns for MedEg Trip

Social Media Campaigns for MedEg Trip

9th Aug, 2019

Web Design And Development Work for MedEg Trip

Web Design And Development Work for MedEg Trip

31st Oct, 2018

Display Advertising for MedEg Trip

Display Advertising for MedEg Trip

15th Dec, 2019

Google Ads for MedEg Trip

Google Ads for MedEg Trip

15th Oct, 2019


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