6th Nov, 2020

Research, Analysis, and meetings

Everything starts with client satisfaction, and word of mouth, this month we took first place in google as a company delivering a high level of digital marketing, and we took first place in the most competitive keywords.

Most of the time client is not feeling this is happening, but, the final results produced from our digital advertising agency always take time, and it not that easy at all to reach client satisfaction from the first shot.

We can’t remember the last time that any client approved the ideas or creative directin from the first time as an advertising agency role.. if it happens we are getting worring about it, how it’s get approved?

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    How Green Mind gets the first result in Google

    We believe marketing is based on research and analysis, we can’t build strong advertising campaigns or search engine optimization without it. The analysis usually says something we have to follow, “The numbers don’t lie”

    Meetings with the client and internal meeting in-house to follow these graphs and analyze the graphs together to reach the final steps in the marketing plan.

    Select the right experience for each industry

    Industries are different, there are some overlapping between them is true, but, there’s a big percentage of different perspectives for each client, for example, class targeting selection, or the local area targeting and other things.

    So, the best advertising agency will understand that we have to find a middle ground and listen to the client’s needs, putting a clear schedule, and KPIs is also important, the client wants to know how the ROI will be increased.

    Our Top Search result

    After years, we are honored to take first place in the most competitive keywords in Google, it takes a very long time with a clear plan and waits to get the results, it’s a combination of technical, research, and analysis strategy to get this high results.

    Keywords we took first place “as a company” results are:

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