30th Mar, 2020

For a business working in the digital marketing industry, is it better to hire in house people to work on social media and digital marketing or to hire an agency specialized for this?

Hiring a Social Media Agency is your best option

Let me tell you why Social Media Agency is your best option in the coming points:

1. You as a business owner you are not specialized in social media marketing, so when you are going to hire people you will not be able to hire the right people to handle this task since you are not experienced in this field.

2. The social media marketing company has the experience to help you because they have the necessary connections and they have worked in the market for a while, so they will be able to help you reach your goal.

3. Why handle the hassle of hiring in house team with all its issues starting from hiring, HR, promotions, attendance; when you can simply hire an agency who can handle all of these logistics.

4. If you managed to have good inhouse people to help you, the social media strategy will be viewed from one direction. For example, if you are a real estate company then you will try to make a real estate social media marketing, it will be only from a real estate point of view, and you will not have the luxury of gaining the social media marketing company knowledge in different industries.

5. My advice, if you are going to hire in house people to help you then you will need only 1 person as a coordinator who can handle daily communication between social media digital marketing agency and decision-makers.

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