Online Advertising for Sianco

21st May, 2020



We made Facebook ads our main target that the page reaches the maximum audience, in order to have more contacts. We used inhouse Facebook ads manager experience for getting more people asking about Sianco and what they present and how they do and they were asking in messages about technical details also.

One of the important tasks also is boosting Facebook page to increase Facebook likes, We built this ad to hit all the KPIs as a Facebook marketing agency we understand that having multiple KPIs will be hard to solve.

Facebook advertising for Sianco maintenance company
Facebook advertising for Sianco maintenance company

We are also focused on Facebook business page cost, Facebook advertising cost, and cost per result, and that’s reflected on the ad targeting, we put an affordable Facebook advertising cost plan and we selected the people interested In this and we made catchy designs to reach our target of people

Our full-service Digital Marketing agency help Sianco to grow with Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing services we provided.

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