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We are the agency that earning the deal with ERA developments as a real estate digital marketing agency specialized in this field

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ERA’s Real Estate Social Media Marketing Campaign

ERA’s Real Estate Social Media Marketing Campaign

26th Dec, 2018


Why our Agency specializes in real estate

The first question coming up for any real estate company, is the agency specializes in real estate?

Yes, we can predict that question usually once we are starting pitching with the real estate clients. Our answer is normally to give case studies for all current real estate clients, describing how things are moving on once we took the project until the finish.

Table of Content

    Our digital marketing company for real estate

    We have a strong clear plan for Real Estate, Real Estate split to 2 main types of business, developers, and brokers.

    There is a big difference between both, and we will descript this on the upcoming points:

    Digital marketing for real estate developers

    Development real estate companies are huge, they are the people building and instruct the residential and commercial units, villas, and other properties available. They are usually controlling everything, the budget for digital marketing usually huge in there, and the marketing strategy there is harder.

    The problem here that usually the developer hasn’t been starting the instructions yet and the plan is to start selling the units based on the blueprint.

    Digital marketing for real estate brokers

    The marketing plan is different here since the target is to find the best option for all the developers to the buyer.

    Real estate digital marketing services list

    In this case, our plan is to select the below servers in digital marketing, this is based on the Egyptian market and can be changed based on the country:

    1. Adwords campaign
    2. Facebook Ads “Leads and Conversion ads”
    3. Linkedin Leads ads “Leads and Conversion ads”
    4. SEO

    Era covers:

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