19th Nov, 2020

Benefits of Digital marketing in Egypt

Digital Marketing is expanding in the Egyptian market last 15 years and increased after we reached coronavirus with a global lockdown, each business started to think differently, the online presence is not an option.

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    Digital Marketing in Egypt for B2B

    Online advertising vs offline advertising

    Online advertising is trackable and effective with all targeting tools and channels so for example if you have an offline billboard in one of the good places here in Egypt you will never track how many people are watching this or is this in the right place in front of them or not.

    The good thing also for digital marketing that it can be customized with any budget, there’s no limit for a budget that can be used, there are also a variety of channels and platform that can be used to find your audience and make leads.

    Digital Marketing in Egypt for B2B

    Digital marketing channels for b2b

    Digital marketing for B2B is not that easy but remember there are important channels we will work on to get these leads:

    • A website with SEO optimization
    • Google Keyword Ads
    • Linkedin campaigns

    A website with SEO optimization

    The website is your official place on the internet, it must represent your brand and reflect the services or products you sell, must be also responsive, and most important past is SEO optimized.

    Think about the audience, they usually search in Google especially in B2B co-operations and the organic results show the highest demand.

    Google Keyword Ads

    Google Ads, Adwords campaign is also can claim high-value B2B customers these ads is also effective after the recent updates from Google, like the location of the company, the existing offers, the company phone numbers with a direct call

    LinkedIn Campaign

    It the most valid b2b social media channel, considering that LinkedIn campaigns can target users by positions, so for example you can target the decision-makers in a certain industry.

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