How We Design Our Digital Marketing Agency Logo?

How We Design Our Digital Marketing Agency Logo?


Digital marketing agency logo design is the first chapter of the company’s story, we will go through how the logo is built from scratch.

How We Design Our Digital Marketing Agency Logo?
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    Selecting the Name

    In the first period, we thought a lot about choosing the name, the company’s name, and how to be distinctive and unconventional digital marketing agency logo.

    The idea of the green color was very possessive of the owner of the company, so we settled on it and chose the shade of green lime.

    The color Green has been settled and is used in the general name. The name Mind has also been settled, which is the complement to the word Green, indicating the new ideas and freshness that will be launched from the company.

    Selecting the Name

    Brand Name Availability

    Then we did a detailed search for the name and its uses. Is it a distinctive name? Are there other companies that use the same name? also is there any local digital agency, especially in Egypt using it? We found nothing.

    We only found the name of a singing group called by the same name, but it is completely far from the field of digital marketing or company names.

    Domain Availability

    Another important step in the presence of the company’s domain name. We had to add a new term, which is the word Agency. We got the final name: Green Mind Agency.

    Domain Availability

    Social Network Availability

    We also searched on social media sites if someone registered the same name, but we also did not find a killer of our choice and reached the last result:

    1. A name that expresses the mission of the company
    2. A new, non-recurring name
    3. A name that can reserve its own domain and social media
    Social Network Availability

    Logo Execution

    In the following steps, we will explain the steps for how we built our agency’s logo based on the previous explanations:

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    Logo Inspiration

    Before starting to work on the logo design, we started quickly searching and working on finding similar ideas to get some inspiration, especially of course using the word green mind in the logo.

    We found some ideas, but settled on:

    • Write the name in a distinctive font and easily recognized by customers
    • In addition to the name, we added the lamp that indicates the thoughts that come out of the mind
    • Add some tree leaves inside the bulb
    Logo Inspiration

    Brand Identity

    Based on the logo and colors, the company’s brand identity was designed for use in paper publications and social media. using the same color palette and of course the logo direction.


    Brand Identity

    Final Result

    In the end, everything was put in place and we got the perfect result:

    Final Result


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