How Digital Marketing Agencies Win eCommerce Buyers

How Digital Marketing Agencies Win eCommerce Buyers


As a digital marketing agency handling e-commerce websites, we understand the best workflow to increase buyers with a media buying plan.

How Digital Marketing Agencies Win eCommerce Buyers
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    Check the Platform

    Before digging more into media buying and managing the advertising plan we have to check first the e-commerce system that handles the selling process.

    It’s truly important for us and important for our clients too to fix any issues relates to the website itself. Is the shopping cart have issues? The click-through actions are obvious for any user to use?

    We had a quick survey with one of the projects before you may lose 21% of buyers because of UX/UI issues on the shopping cart.

    From our long experience in the Egyptian market especially, WooCommerce for WordPress and Shopify is the best option to be used.

    If you don’t have a good budget to start you can start with Shopify it will be the best option to reduce the initialization time for your e-commerce project.

    Performance Marketing

    The client’s perspective changed and they are looking specifically for ROI, small businesses and SME’s have a very tight budget, they can’t start investing in ads without buyers.

    Our work starts from there, we have expected KPI’s for each platform and how you can roughly understand the ROI your business may receive.

    Conversion Model VS Awareness

    We can’t only use awareness campaigns for e-commerce models, or conversion campaigns only, we have to mix between both, awareness campaigns usually gives the buyers, however, the awareness campaign will reach more potential customers and can generate conversions too.

    Use the Correct Media Buying Plan

    Do you know that you can target heavily buyers users on Facebook and Instagram?

    Yes, as targeting in Facebook ads and Instagram ads you can do this, you can also add extra layers of ads like pixel codes and contact list syncing with ads.

    Google ads also have other layers of targeting and remarketing, we also have surveys on 500 clients, 11% of them know the business but there are a lot of things that let them forget about the ad they saw, which means the remarketing is important for them.

    The plan here is to not set only one type of campaign and wait for the results, we have to use more than one type of campaign to find the best platform for generating buyers.

    Marketing Channels Trials and Errors

    As we mentioned above trials and errors are important on initial campaigns, we will go through each channel that we mostly use on e-commerce:

    Facebook and Instagram ads

    With only one camping you can target both platforms and run a conversion campaign to increase buyers.

    This type of campaign needs to be split into more than one asset with a different type of targeting, for example, one using the pixel code in remarketing, another one using targeting criteria that Facebook ads and Instagram ads offer, another set for contact list syncing.

    Google ads

    Google ads can be split between both Edward and display campaigns, affords will reach the potential customers buy almost 70% with good targeting and industry selection.

    Linkedin Ads

    LinkedIn ads are expensive but very selective, and it works extremely good on real estate and automotive. Linked in ads also have a conversion campaign and contact list targeting and look alike campaigns.

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    Fix Operations

    This is something that is out of marketing scope but if there is an issue with the operation this will affect the whole performance, for example. if the delivery is exceeding one week the buyers may take action because of this.

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