Select the best digital marketing agency in Egypt

Select or hiring a digital marketing agency is not something easy to start with, the market can show more than 100 registered companies and agencies based in Egypt working under this firm.

So how you can select them and why? what are the main reasons and checklist you must follow before contacting the agency like you say: digital marketing agency near me.

1: check the organic place on google

First of all, you will use Google search to get the best digital marketing agencies in Egypt, and here you can start, check the first 2 pages.

Keep on eye on the organic results first and paid results after that, this will give you a better knowledge about how the company is updated and how they build a strong SEO for their websites, these companies also using the latest technology to be on first 3 organic search results in google.

Green Mind digital marketing agency The top Search results in Google

2: Check the digital marketing agencies websites

Go to the websites organically show up first then paid search results as we mentioned and open each website, check these pages to get the better look:

  1. Home page structure, get a look if you feel comfortable with the web design they provide
  2. List of digital marketing agency services, if they provide what you are looking for
  3. Portfolio or latest work page
  4. Client List page
  5. About Us page
  6. Latest news
  7. and finally, contact us and their location

Digital Marketing Agency website

3: A Registered digital marketing agency is something you must check

A registered company with commercial and TAX permissions is something important for you to understand the agency’s background and how they are stable and solid to get your job done.

You can check that point by checking the client list page if they have big names, like Governmental services, banks, international clients, they are all will let you know that this digital agency is right for hiring.

Fell free to ask the agency for these documents before moving on the projects, at our Digital Marketing Agency In Egypt – Green Mind we will be more than happy to provide copies to any client would like to move with a digital marketing services projects.

4: Social Media latest posts

To be more confident about your chosen digital marketing company in Egypt check their social media channels, and find how they are dealing with the clients, if they have a plan on their posts, how the creative ideas they are used to show the digital marketing services they have.

Finally, you can shortlist 3 digital marketing companies in Egypt and ask for a quotation from the contact us page, and how fast they are replying, and the quotation they will provide.

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