8th Mar, 2018

Being one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Cairo, and trying to always excel in social media marketing we haven’t stopped thinking of new updates and technologies to surprise our customers with!

Because we know how hard it is to find your taste in social media, we have now released 3 new updates to our store to make each and everyone satisfied with what they buy. Now you will be able to make it all by yourself! You will manage to customize your Website marketing, Mobile applications, and video motion graphics. Yes, you can now go and choose templates that you want and from inside the template, you will have control on all its details.

We have taken the Online Marketing in Egypt to a whole new level. Our Website templates are now fully customized, SEO optimized, and you can also receive your orders through an email if you’re selling or offering anything on it. Copies of these emails will also be provided in the admin panel of the website.

Our Mobile applications are customizable, works on Android and IOS, and you can also receive your orders through its email. And finally, we released ready-made templates for motion graphics video which you can buy and customize immediately.

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