SEO Workflow

SEO Workflow

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This is a complete video and content for how to get all the SEO workflow in one place.

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SEO Workflow
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    Best Way To Right A Good Content For SEO


    1. Choose a Focused keyword – Example: Digital Marketing Agency
    2. Use the same keyword in title, description, slug, keywords, first paragraph, and any heading tag
    3. Use internal links: internal links appear on the page link to another page under the same website
    4. Use outbound links: consider adding links that can take you elsewhere, it can be another website or social media.
    5. Article content: 300 words minimum
    6. URL length: 60 characters “including the name of the website”
    7. Article Title: 60 character max including the targeted keyword
    8. Descriptions: 140 character max including the target keyword
    9. Headings: the hierarchy must be formed well – starting with H3 for example, the subheadings will be H4
    10. Use photos and videos: each bunch of content must have images related or youtube videos

    Best example:

    Green Mind Blog

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