Facebook WhatsApp Campaign

Facebook WhatsApp Campaign

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Step by step to create a Facebook WhatsApp campaign from scratch

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Facebook WhatsApp Campaign
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    Connect Facebook page to WhatsApp

    Whatsapp is the most effective campaign to get real/direct customer contact and start showing your products.

    First of all, you must connect the Facebook page to the WhatsApp business account, Whatsapp must be installed on the client device as a business account.

    The video below will show how to set up this:

    Before creating the campaign

    the targeted post must not have any buttons, we will change this through the campaign process

    this is right - no buttons

    this is wrong has buttons

    Whatsapp campaign for Facebook

    open ads manager, and Create a new campaign

    select messages campaign set the budget as a lifetime, create the first adset and ad

    select the adset, select whatsapp and select the page

    select age,location and gender

    in placment tab, select only Facebook newsfeed

    select the ad, select the post from the page and button select a whatsapp

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