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Abdel Mabood

Abdel Mabood is one of the largest companies in the coffee industry, and we succeed to deliver excellent marketing services.


Facebook Ads for Abdel Mabood Coffe

Facebook Ads for Abdel Mabood Coffe

29th Apr, 2016


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Why Us

Green Mind understands you well, as you are working hard to reach the prospective customer for purchase, which is what we are working to reach and define from the beginning.

You also want to know how much it will cost you to reach a certain number of customers when the ads start on social media, this is something we will explain before starting the campaign, and provide the expected financial return that you will get after contracting.

  • Unifying the team's efforts in one direction and one goal
  • Account manager dedicated to managing your account
  • Certified professionals in managing and activating social media and Google ads
  • Creative minds who worked in different fields lead you to the most suitable creative ideas
  • A team of people whose job it is to follow up and respond to customers on social media platforms